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Septum Rings

Septum Rings

It is common to wear earrings after piercing the ears. Piercing the septum, the cartilage between the nostrils is one style that is becoming increasingly popular.

Piercing the septum was always popular among warrior tribes. Also known as bull-ring piercing. This culture was prevalent among American Indian tribes.

Wearing septum rings was common among the punk rockers too once upon a time. Septum rings have become a mainstream fashion item among the millennials.

You can make Septum rings using different metals such as nickel-free gold, silver, or platinum. Modern septum rings are smaller in size.

The more elaborate ones have chains and embellishments with stones.

Some youngsters wear septum rings with cuffs without piercing their septum. You wear them by pushing them into the nose cartilage. You can remove them whenever you want to.

Septum Piercing

When piercing the septum, it hurts, but the pain is not very intense. The pain is also short-lived. Professional piercers use specific tools and local anaesthetics for the purpose.

Professionals pierce the septum through the thin membrane lying underneath the septal cartilage. This lies above the hard tissue at the base of the nostrils.

If you want your septum pierced, it is best to visit a qualified legal professional. The facility should be clean and sterile.

Ensure that the piercer uses a single-serve needle that takes out from a sealed pack. The needle should then find its way to the dustbin or a sharps-container.

The piercer should autoclave the septum ring before insertion.

For those who do not want to change the septum rings from time to time, the wound heals in about five months. It is best not to remove the septum ring before this period as the inside would still not have recovered.