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Crown Rings

Crown Rings

A crown ring is an ideal gift to your partner,mother or close family members.

Crown rings are available in gold, silver, and rose gold embellished with precious or semi-precious stones.

Claddagh Crown Rings

Claddagh rings owe their origin to a town of the same name in Galway, Ireland. These crown rings feature two hands on either side, clasping a heart in the centre. The heart also dons a crown. Whereas the heart symbolizes love, the crown symbolizes loyalty. The Claddagh crown rings date back to the times of the Romans. Romans used rings designed with clasped hands, as a pledging symbol of faith.

How to Wear Claddagh Crown Rings?

Wearers of Claddagh crown rings show off their relationship statuses in different ways.

Origin of the Claddagh Rings

There are many stories about the origin of these Irish crown rings. One story says that Richard Joyce, a slave, crafted the crown ring and gave it to his love.

Another story describes that the ring fell into the hands of Margaret Joyce from an eagle's grasp. According to the story, this was the first-ever Claddagh ring.