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B2B & Gifting Industry at a glance

The whole concept and experience of the gold and diamond jewellery industry is undergoing a revolution now and the demand of gold and diamond jewellery is showing a stunning progressive growth all around the globe. Gold and diamond jewellery are not just an affluent, traditional wear anymore. It’s a trend and fashion on its own, catering to every crowd, in every industry and walk of life. This very transformation and affinity towards gold and precious stones has created a huge impact in the gifting segment all over. Earlier, corporate entities used to give gifts that were not of a very high value, such as, travel, entertainment and dining offer vouchers. These are gifts that remain only for that particular time of use. Gold and diamonds are evergreen. And hence a gift in jewellery remains forever, even across generations. It has emotions and bonding attached to it. Hence, here comes the opportunity to offer anything in jewellery, a priceless gift to be treasured forever.


For all corporate and government organizations in India, we proudly present our B2B division. We provide a variety of options for customized gold and diamond jewellery value added products and services to offer the best value proposition suitable for each and every requirement. The key objective of this division is to bring about evergreen gifting in the corporate and government sectors globally by introducing the priceless yellow metal and the sparkling stone as the gift itself.

What we offer

  • Bank tie-ups and activations
  • Institutional sales
  • Co-branded promotional activities and joint promotions
  • Employee tie-ups and promotions
  • Association with 3rd party loyalty programs
  • Tie-ups for events and launches
  • Customized Gold & Silver coins
  • Customized products in Gold & Silver
  • Gift vouchers for Gold & Diamonds
  • Conditional & unconditional gift vouchers
  • Seasonal gifting
  • Retail promotions support
  • Gold savings schemes
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