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Pre-Engagement Ring

The pre-engagement ring is better known as the ring of promise. It is given to a romantic partner as a sign of commitment. It is often referred to as a friendship ring or a promise ring. It is worn before an official engagement function and before engagement rings are exchanged between the couple. The pre- engagement rings' implication is not as serious as the engagement rings since engagement rings indicate a more committed relationship. It is given as an antecedent to engagement rings in a romantic relationship. These are more common among the younger couples who do not wish to go for a committed relationship as they are too young to get engaged. The concept of pre-engagement rings became more popular after the 2000s because some celebrities and notable people started using them.

There is no design specification as far as pre-engagement rings are concerned. They could be of any designs such as a heart or any entangled design. The material used for these rings could also vary. People popularly use rings of titanium, silver or gold. Some even use less expensive materials such as ceramic, wood, glass, plastic or bone for their pre-engagement ring. British stones are also not uncommon for these pre-engagement rings.

The partners' names, their initials or their nicknames are carved on the rings as proof of the word. Some people even use them as a pendant and hang it on their necklace.

There is no hard and fast rule as to the finger on which the pre-engagement ring is to be worn. As the name suggests its finger and its meaning, both are flexible. But many people follow the practice of wearing it on the ring finger of the left hand. Similarly, there are no predefined or specific styles for pre-engagement rings. It can come in any shape and pattern with or without a diamond on it. It is purely the individual's choice and how he wishes to express his loyalty to his partner. Rings with a heart symbol are often a favourite choice for a pre-engagement ring. To give a more personalized effect, some people chose to engrave the Birthstones of their partner.

Large varieties of pre-engagement rings are available in the market or online for the couples to choose from based on their taste, budget and thoughts and the best way of conveying their devotion to each other.