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Gold Ratanchur

Gold Ratanchur

Most of the ratan chur designs available are either made of pure gold or gold alloys, and gold plated materials. These ornaments are usually decorated with gemstones, semi-precious stones and imitation stones. Delicate and simple models such as the single folded 22k gold ratan chur bracelet made these ornaments a popular choice of bridal jewellery.

Like the designs with multiple chains, the ratan chur hand jewellery also comes in designs with a single finger ring or multiple rings for various fingers. The chains of these ornaments often hold pendants of different shapes and sizes. The bangles or bracelets associated with ratan churs appear in designs such as the kadas, chain bracelets and the traditional chur bangles.

Ratan chur ornaments made of gold are available in various designs, sizes, patterns and styles. The sun, moon and flowers are common elements appearing in most of the gold ratan chur designs.

Ratan chur jewellery made of white gold appears in elegant styles with floral patterns and many other magnificent designs. The oxidised white rhodium coated version is a unique white gold ratan chur that makes it a special ornament to wear on festive occasions.

Diamond and gemstone studded rose gold ratan chur models add sparkling colours to your jewellery set. These ornaments deliver a unique appearance due to their magnificent rose colour and match traditional and western outfits.

Ratan chur jewellery made of gold-alloy materials such as the gold plated Kundan pearl ratan chur and gold plated designer ratan chur are a few of the classic designs of gold plated ratan chur jewellery.