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Gold Nose Rings

Gold Nose Rings

Nose rings come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, colours, and studded with stones.

Laung Nose Pin: The Laung nose pin boasts of a simple design. Many women wear it on special occasions, but some wear it every day. This nose pin that sports the shape of the clove is often made of gold and studded with a gem in the centre. Laung Nose Pins come in varied sizes, and women choose one according to their liking.

Latkan Nose Ring: Women wear Latkan nose rings with or without a chain. If they use a chain, they pin it to the hair. This nose ring is generally a large hoop made of gold and sports a simple design. Sometimes, it comes studded with gemstones and a hanging charm. In India, women pair these nose rings with lehengas. Further, women often wear them during festivals and weddings.

Maharashtrian Nose Ring: Maharashtrian nose rings are famous for their cashew-like shape. These unique nose rings are often made by stringing pearls using thick gold strands. Gemstones of different colours are also used instead of pearls. Maharashtrian women wear these nose rings to state their marital status.

Konkani Nose Rings: These are nature-inspired rings. Konkani nose pins usually come in the form or shape of a bird, flower, or fish. Konkani nose rings made of both silver and gold are available in the market. They are heavy because of their large size. Pearls and gemstones studded Konkani nose rings are exquisite pieces of jewellery.

Nathani: Nathani is a medium-sized nose ring. Both married and single women wear this nose ring on different occasions, including weddings, festivals, and other events. Besides, it provides a contemporary look. The highlight of Nathani nose rings made of gold is the large stones used. But, they are also available in simple designs.

Pullaku Nose Rings: Pullaku nose ring is common among South Indian brides. Unmarried women also wear this ring. It often has a hanging mini charm. Women wear this ring on the lower part of the nostril or the septum region. When it comes to making Pullaku nose rings, the most preferred metal is gold. They are also available in customized designs.

In India, different cultures have their own distinct gold nose rings. The diversity might overwhelm you a little bit, but it does present you with a lot of options.