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Cocktail Rings

Cocktail Rings

There are plain models and gemstone attached styles of rings in plenty. Among them, one of the popular styles is the cocktail ring.

The cocktail ring has a large stone at its centre, surrounded by small stones. Some of these also appear with a large stone alone. Cocktail rings originated in the 1920s and became popular during the 1940s. Women typically wore them at cocktail parties; thus, these rings got their name. These rings are larger than the normal rings. The size of these rings is similar to the statement rings. Cocktail ring designs in different sizes and colours are attractive.

Fabrication of these ornaments includes not only cheaper materials but also expensive metals like low karat gold. The stones used in cocktail rings are often the imitations of high- cost stones like precious gemstones. However, the centre stone comprises diamond or precious stones like ruby and emerald. The small stones surrounding the big stone are usually attached with the help of prongs. You should make sure that these prongs are holding the stones tight.

Many women who love simplicity and elegance adorn themselves with cocktail rings. It will provide an adorable look if you try to pair these rings with your clothing. You will be able to find these rings in different varieties such as single stone rings, multi-stone rings, diamond rings, low weight golden rings, gold plated rings, silver cocktail rings, mudra rings, cluster rings, granular rings etc.