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Knuckle Rings

Knuckle Rings

Users wear knuckle rings between the nail and the knuckles.

Fashionistas like to don knuckle rings because they lend a fresh and delicate look to the fingers. The metal bands of the knuckle rings are usually thin. You can wear them as single rings or in a layered manner.

In line with the prevailing fashion trends, you can wear up to four rings on one hand knuckle, or regular rings. If you want to wear more, use the next hand.

A Good Mix Looks Good

If you wear a statement ring on one finger, you may be able to complement it with a couple of knuckle rings on the second hand. It is also a better idea to mix knuckle rings with the usually worn ones.

Bracelet Collage

Metal knuckle rings are very much customary. When wearing knuckle rings, you can contrast them with a collage of various bracelets. Bead and leather bracelets will spice up the visual effect.

Go For Monochrome

Fashion gurus recommend similar colours. Platinum matches with silver rings and rose gold teams well with pure gold. You can mix and match knuckles and regular rings of the matching colours.