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Be Informed

There are several facets related to jewellery and its management that you should be aware of. It is our duty as a seller to ensure that our customers are entirely educated on their rights and safety of the items purchased. Having sustained a practice of complete transparency throughout our operations, we have conducted several campaigns on topics such as purity, pricing and other risky areas which cause malpractice.

These are a few areas that you should keep a watchful eye over:

  1. Always make sure that your jewellery is stored away in a safe, closed location and is away from the reach of small children who might harm themselves inadvertently.
  2. There are several ways to check if you are being cheated while purchasing gold. It is prudent to check on the alloy, fineness, Pinchbeck, purity and finish when buying any jewellery piece.
  3. While cleaning jewellery, use the least intrusive methods and be as gentle as possible. We have a great blog on cleaning tips here.
  4. Investing in jewellery is always a big question for many buyers. It's not only about the gold factor, but also about the worth of the ornaments you buy after several years. Timeless, classy pieces are always a significant investment.
  5. Is your jewellery insured? Jewellery insurance can safeguard your assets against losses in the long-run and is worth looking into.
  6. It is advisable to leave your valuables at home while travelling. It is common to lose jewellery while travelling and it can even get stolen.