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Statement Rings

Statement Rings

A Short History

The most primitive statement rings belong to Egypt. Thick rings were part of the jewellery collection of the princesses of those days. That said, the statement rings that the Romans wore were embellished using big and attractive gemstones.

In the middle of the 20th century, the statement jewellery began to hit the fashion streets.

In the USA and Canada, ladies began wearing the statement rings in the 1920s. Independent women who attended parties during those periods wore bold cocktail rings.

How to Wear Statement Rings

You can wear statement rings on the ring or middle finger of the right hand to make a statement! Some people ensure that the statement ring they wear does not take the wedding ring's attention away on their finger.

Common Statement Ring Designs

Minimalist Statement Rings: You can wear these rings every day, as well as while attending special occasions. That said, these are the best ornaments for a girls' day out.

1: You can wear a gold polished 'jhaali' design ring on more than one finger. These look elegant and will impart an ethnic touch to the wearer.

2: Statement rings with a blister pearl are bold enough for a wedding or a formal evening out. This ring goes well with a vibrant coloured outfit or chunky wedding wear.

3: The Chinese blue stone ring has a peach-coloured centre that adds to its appearance and mystery. This ring combines well with plain black or white-coloured outfits.

4: An agate ring with surrounding pearls is the perfect piece for desi girls. It goes well with 'ghagra' outfits trimmed with gold.

5: A wired glass-stoned ring looks best with daytime clothes. This ring makes you look dressy without going overboard.

6: A polished stone ring with a wired golden butterfly makes for a raw and rustic appearance. It is perfect for a daytime wedding outfit.

7: A gold ring with a large pink stone looks best when you wear it for a pre-wedding function like 'mehndi' or 'sangeet'. The flashing flowers in stone also lend a cool and delicate look.

8: Gold-leaved ring with red stones makes for a showy appearance and is perfect for the bride-to- be. It will go best with a gaudy 'red or gold lehenga' with matching jewellery.