fraud scam alert

Disclaimer: Fraud Alert

We've learned of reported instances of fraudulent activities conducted in the name of Kalyan Jewellers India Limited. Our unwavering commitment to preserving your trust and safeguarding your interests compels us to address this matter with utmost seriousness.

Through this cautionary overview, we earnestly implore you to exercise heightened vigilance, ensuring the security of your engagements with our esteemed brand. Your confidence in us is paramount, and we remain steadfast in our dedication to upholding the integrity and authenticity that define Kalyan Jewellers India Limited.

1. Fake Franchise Partnership

Numerous reports have been brought to our attention concerning incidents of online fraudulent activities wherein impostors, posing as Kalyan Jewellers employees, deceitfully present fake franchise partnership offers on behalf of the company. These scams typically involve the use of fabricated email IDs, deceptive domain names, and bank accounts that do not belong to the Company.

It is important to note that we have not authorized any third-party entities, external agencies or individuals to represent or extend franchise business offers on behalf of our company. We strongly advise against falling victim to these online scams by refraining from engaging in correspondence or transactions based on such misleading communication.

Prospective partners are encouraged to contact our official team directly at or through our official website. Avoid responding to unauthorized sources to ensure the legitimacy of your interactions with Kalyan Jewellers.

2 Job Scam

Beware of online job scams falsely associated with our name; verify vacancies directly on our website. While we actively seek new talent, it's vital to recognize that we do not impose any application or processing fees on applicants.

To apply for a position with us, explore the career section on our official website Alternatively, submit your CV at the nearest Kalyan Jewellers showroom. Our company executives conduct direct, in-person interviews at Corporate/Regional offices or retail outlets. For inquiries, reach out to us at

3. Gift Assurance

Exercise caution with links on WhatsApp and social media claiming to offer gifts from Kalyan Jewellers. These communications are not verified or official and clicking such links may lead to phishing attempts.

We strongly advise against accessing any provided websites or links and recommend refraining from sharing personal or confidential information.

4. Shoots - Model Hiring Scam

Kalyan Jewellers does not engage in direct hiring of models or actors for campaign shoots, and we do not impose any fees or accept security deposits from individuals seeking such opportunities.

We wish to emphasise that legal complaints have been formally filed regarding the aforementioned fraudulent actions.

Kalyan Jewellers shall not accept any liability towards the representation made in any fraudulent communication or its consequences. Such fraudulent communication shall not be treated as any kind of offer or representation by the Company.

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