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Dulhan Nath Ring

Dulhan Nath Ring

A Nath or nose ring is a popular bridal ornament worn by Indian brides at their wedding. Wearing a nose ring as a daily wear ornament is common among the women in our country. However, the Nath is worn on special occasions like weddings and other important functions.

Nath worn by the women in ancient times were usually made of gold or silver and decorated with stones like sapphire and pearl. Most of such designs included bridal nose rings with golden chains connected to the earring. Bridal Nath is available in various styles, colours and designs.

Kundan bridal Nath: Kundan bridal Nath is a traditional Indian ornament made of gold and gemstones. It is made up of stone sets with gold foil between the stones and its mount. One of the most popular Kundan bridal nose rings is the Jadau Kundan Nath, with a peacock design at its centre. Artificial jewellery imitating the traditional Kundan Nath is also common among the brides.

Mudra Nath: Mudra gold Nath is a traditional nose ring made of gold and studded with precious stones. The mudra gold Nath includes various styles, such as the Tavanika Mudhra Gold Nath, Aniya Mudhra Gold Nath, and the Dikshya Mudra Gold Nath that features coloured gemstones as a centre of attraction.

Royal Rajputana gold Nath: The royal Rajputana jewellery features various Rajasthani ornaments of the Rajput tradition. The Rajasthani artificial Rajputhi Nath designs and the ethnic and antique heavy gold Nath has always been a favourite among the Indian brides.

Diamond Nath: Diamond Nath, crafted in gold or silver and embellished with diamonds, are designed to complement bridal jewellery. Diamond nose rings are typically small and often include other coloured gemstones as well.

Half-moon designer Nath: The half-moon shaped Nath is an adorable Dulhan nose ring that is presented as a traditional and modern design. These designs are suitable for weddings as well as other festive occasions.

Shikharpuri Nath: This ornament is a part of traditional Punjabi jewellery. It is worn by the bride and other women of her house present at the wedding ceremony. The Nath comes in the shape of a big sized hoop with various motifs attached to it.

Nathuri: Nathuri is a popular Dulhan Nath ring of Rajasthani brides, usually made of gold or silver. Nathuri comes with a design having a single stone or no precious stones on it.

Heirloom Nath: Heirloom nose rings are those passed from the older generation to the younger generations. They are historic ornaments made with unique design and settings. The antique heirloom flower nose stud ring is popular heirloom jewellery known for its style and uniqueness.

Brahmani Nath: Marathi brides are fond of wearing the traditional Brahmani nose rings on their wedding day. These stunning ornaments are usually made of gold and studded with rubies and emeralds, centrally studded with a single coloured stone, surrounded by other small stones with pearls around it.

Nathuli: This bridal nose ring is a traditional gold ornament worn by women in Uttarakhand. It is a large circular ring made of gold and decorated with pearls. Nathuli also appears in designs that include multiple rubies and pearls, offering a luxurious embroidery finish.

Floral Designer Nath: This category includes both traditional and modern styles of nose rings with beautifully crafted designs of flowers. Pearls and coloured gemstones are attached to these ornaments to make them appear more attractive.

Other popular Dulhan Nath rings include the Mukkuthi (lightweight south Indian nose ring), Pullaku Nath, Hyderabadi bridal nose pins, Maharashtrian Peshwai Nath, and Kohlapuri Nath.