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Stud Sterling Silver Earrings

Stud Sterling Silver Earrings

Earrings have become par for the course of the everyday dressing accessories of women. There are many models of earrings that are suitable for different occasions. Even though there are different types, for daily wear, studs are a favourite option. It's not that much flashy or ornate, but still has that eye-catching look, which is so impressive. Studs are single stone earrings, in which the stone can be of any kind on a stalk and worn through the hole pierced on the ear lobe. The wearer can attach the same on the ear with a screw, a clutch, or any other similar fixture. You can see diverse types of studs, made from different materials.

Sterling silver is an alloy consisting of silver and another metal, usually copper, zinc, or nickel. The alloy increases the strength and decreases the malleability of silver. Pure silver is easily damaged since it is very soft, and that is the reason why alloy is used. The alloy is usually 92.5% pure, which means that the rest is the other metal. Even though the alloy is tougher than pure silver, other metals' addition causes the silver to tarnish quickly This discolouring occurs due to the presence of other metals in the silver, which causes a specific reaction regarding the oxygen and other components in the air.

Usually, the sterling silver jewellery is coated with a thin layer of pure silver or Rhodium to increase the shine and reduce the tarnishing.

In brief, stud sterling silver earrings are exquisite earrings, which are getting very popular. These earrings give an elegant and classy look to the one wearing it. It's the perfect option for a woman who is trying to wear minimal jewellery.

In this era of evolving fashion, it is all about making a fashion statement. Be it a big, extravagant earring, or a small, minimalistic earring, the wearer will look extra smart. Nobody cares about how big the earrings are. The main aim is to pull a crowd's attention. The maintenance of these earrings is quite easy. Always keep them in a cloth pouch, and if they are tarnished, use bleach-free silver polishes; it will restore its lost shine. Stud sterling silver earrings are very tiny, but, have the potential to catch the crowd's attention.