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Thread Earrings

Thread Earrings

Thread earrings are those earrings having a woven thread part or loosely hanging threads on them. These earrings are available in various unique styles, sizes, colours and shapes. Some of the common materials used to make these earrings include non-precious metals, silk & other forms of embroidery thread, gemstones, coloured stones and semi-precious stones.

Silk thread earrings: Silk thread earrings are those with silk woven parts. They appear in various elegant styles such as silk thread Jhumkas, danglers, golden thread earrings made of silk threads and many more.

Chand Bali thread earrings: Chand Bali earrings are crescent moon-shaped earrings set intricately with various design elements. Silk threads are used to decorate these ornaments to provide a complete fancy appearance, resulting in an elegant thread earring design.

Thread ear studs: This is one of the typical fashion styles of stud earrings with a single stone or multiple stones and threads woven around it. The design with alternate layers of stones and woven threads arranged in a circular pattern is a more familiar style of stud earrings with woven thread.

DIY models: Homemade and simple models of embroidery thread earrings and tassel earrings add elegance to the overall appearance. Such models include hoop thread earrings, lightweight jhumkas and fashion earrings of various shapes.

Crochet thread earrings: Crochet thread earrings are popular for their exclusive styles that involve unique patterns of woven thread. You can find them in various shapes such as round, crescent and dewdrop.

Thread earrings with gemstones: These versatile models are made of thread and different types of gemstones. Similar designs include the stone-studded tassels and thread earrings crafted with beads and non-precious stones.

Canyon thread earrings: Canyon thread earrings are some unique ornaments that provide a western look and feel. Fashionable Canyon thread earrings and designer canyon tassel add a sparkling look to your outfit.

Other popular models include long statement thread earrings, layered thread jhumkas, chandelier thread earrings and multicoloured thread danglers.