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Oxidized Silver Earrings

Oxidized Silver Earrings

According to the chemical composition and amount of silver content in them, the silver earrings can be classified into different types, such as fine silver, sterling silver, etc. Another major category is the oxidized silver earring.

Oxidized silver can be obtained through the process of controlled oxidation, by exposing silver (sterling silver) to oxygen or sulfide in a pressurized environment for an extended period. The surface of the metal will be darkened to black through this chemical process. When sterling silver is exposed to sulphur, the silver sulphide formed on its exterior will provide this black colour. The finished product will appear in dark tarnish colour, with a very little lustre. It requires less maintenance than pure silver.

By using different compounds of sulphur, the colour range can be slightly varied; however, the process of oxidation won’t change the inherent properties or internal colour of the metal. Oxidation helps to increase the lifespan of the silver earrings. Usually, ornaments like rings, earrings, bracelets, etc., made up of pure silver may not be able to hold their colour for a long time. The reason is that they could come in contact with hard surfaces frequently and will rub against them. The process of oxidation will help to hold their colour for a longer time.

Earrings made up of pure silver have to be cleaned and maintained regularly to protect it from the chemical substances in the environment. Oxidized silver earrings need not be washed or polished periodically and can be kept in any environment. These earrings can provide a vintage look to your attire. Women who love trendy earrings can add them to their collection. You can easily pair them with your traditional, as well as western outfits.

It is best advised not to use excess polishing materials or cleaning dips to clean the ornaments made up of oxidized silver, as these items could strip the darkened surface. Instead, you can use soft materials for cleaning these ornaments. If the blackened surface is ruined, it can be re-blackened.