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Diamond Drop Earrings

Diamond Drop Earrings

Diamond drop earrings are simple earpieces with studded diamonds. Drop earrings range from very simple models to chandelier style statement earrings. Small, long and medium-sized drop earrings that fall below the earlobe are available to style with your attire.

Round brilliant-cut diamond drop earring: The round brilliant single stone and two stone diamond drop earrings, arranged in basket settings, are popular diamond drop earrings. Short and long earrings made of round brilliant cut diamonds are also available.

Solitaire diamond drop earring: This ornament features a single diamond hanging freely below the ear lobe. Solitaire drop earring is one of the most classic styles of single stone drop earrings. The simplicity of solitaire earrings makes them easy to pair with all forms of outfits.

Drop earrings with chains: Long drop earrings with chains that feature diamonds of various hues are easy-to-wear fashionable accessories. These ornaments usually come in a design with a hanging chain made of metals like gold, silver etc. and the diamonds studded on those chains or fixed at the end.

Diamond & gemstone drop earrings: Gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, and emerald are studded along with the diamonds to visually appeal to the drop earrings. Semi-precious stones and other coloured stones are also used as decorative accessories in these gorgeous ornaments.

Polki drop earring: Diamond drop earrings studded with Polki diamonds come in various contemporary and traditional styles to attract the audience. The earrings are usually made of yellow gold, white gold and gold plated materials.

Diamond halo drop earrings: The halo diamond drop earrings feature a large centre stone diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. These earrings are crafted from various metals such as white gold, rose gold and sterling silver. The diamond-set used in these earrings comes in various shapes such as round, oval, square and more.

Diamond teardrop earrings: These earrings feature a pear cut diamond as the centre of attraction. The white gold drop earrings with teardrop diamond are a unique drop earring style that can instantly draw attention.