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Korean Earrings

The penchant for wearing jewellery is almost as old as the human civilization itself. However, the present jewellery items differ in design and fashion, as style gets changed in line with the overall social changes that happen within society. That said, it is human imagination and intense desire for originality that create trends in the fashion industry; this is what exactly happened to Korean earrings. Modern Korean jewellery finds customers throughout the world due to its classy appearance, which holds sway over the price and suits them for all types of occasions.

Although wearing jewellery is acknowledged globally, the historical aspect is quite different. Archaeologists have unearthed a valuable, yet, a stunning collection of gold jewellery from the tombs of the royal families.

Jade plays a significant role in traditional Korean jewellery and is considered, in general, as a semi- precious stone. Gold and precious stones are also the main parts of the ancient jewellery collection of Korea.

Korean earrings are embraced by a lot of people due to its versatility that lets it go with all types of attires and suits all ages. These are barely restrictive, which makes the item the pick of working women. Simple hoops, studded with crystals, sparkly dangling chain type earrings, asymmetrical hoop earrings, silver or gold pearl designer danglers, tiny yet eye-catchy silver studs that come in varied designs, etc., are among the favourite of the fashion lovers.

The Korean fashion industry has put forward an array of asymmetrical earrings, the moon-start earrings, the imperfect circle type earrings, etc. These earrings are bold fashion statements in a world, where everyone looks for symmetry. These items have thus helped to bring out the beauty of imperfection.

A visit to Korea will bring you face to face with the immense diversity in aesthetics, which is the unique feature of Korean jewellery. Here, you can see the elevation of simple designs to a level of artistic perfection. A rich blend of traditional and modern aesthetics is also a widely-incorporated technique by designers.

Much like the other famous accessories, what makes Korean earrings stand out is the uniqueness of style and design.