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Coral Earrings

Coral Earrings

What is Coral?

Corals have been used for hundreds of years to make all kinds of jewellery, including earrings, necklaces, bangles, and brooches, etc. Coral is famous for its inspiring colours and satin-like structure. Corals can be made into stunning jewellery pieces that have always been favourites with wearers.

Coral is an organic material and used as a gemstone. Another natural gemstone is a pearl. There are different types of corals; however, only some of these are used for jewellery making.

Different colours of corals are available; the popular shades include white, pink, orange, and red. You can also find rare shades like blue, gold, and black. The red, orange and pink varieties are the most sought after coral jewellery. The red variety is also called precious coral.

Why is Coral Used?

Coral is a preferred material for crafting jewellery because of its abundant supply, softness, and the fact that it can be polished to a glossy finish. In some cases, coral earrings' creation entails intricate carving methods; however, the corals are rarely cut.

Coral Earrings

Coral earrings are made like danglers with coral droplets. Corals are used in their natural state, and tiny pieces/branches are strung together to form earrings.

The coral jewellery worn in modern times is vastly different from the pieces worn during ancient times. Corral earrings are lightweight ones. Jewellers use gold and other alloys also for creating this earring. However, the earrings are made in a way such that the coral is always the centre of attraction in the designed jewellery piece. Coral earrings with diamonds fixed alongside are common these days.

Coral earrings are attractive because of the colour. There is yet another tempting- trait; coral dangler earrings will go well with the formal clothes. These can even be used in their original format to create earrings for casual outfits.

Coral Earrings - How to Care for them

Corals are soft and can be easily scratched or damaged. Dirty coral earrings can be washed using a mild detergent and a soft toothbrush. That said, one should wash these earrings very gently and use a soft cloth for drying. Remember, ultrasonic cleaners can break the coral stones. Besides, these should be stored away from direct light or heat as they tend to discolour. You can keep the item in a dry place in fabric-lined boxes. The best practical way to store these earrings safely is to keep in separate pouches so that other jewellery pieces do not scratch these.