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Pom Pom Earrings

The word “pom pom” originated from the French word “pompon” which refers to a decorative ball used during the 18th century.

Pom-pom earrings may come in a wide range of colours and sizes; it is usually made from a different array of materials, including wool, cotton, paper, plastic, thread, glitter and sometimes feathers. Earlier pom poms were seen on lace-up sandals and key chains. Every woman loves pom pom earrings that are stylish, lightweight and give a slightly more embellished look for women.

Versatility of pom pom earrings

The prominent highlight of pom pom earrings is that they can be worn with western as well as traditional outfits. You can always add a cheerful touch to your overall ensemble by adding some charming and frivolous pom poms. Usually, women wear a pair with different dangling puffs or a large pair for a bold, statement look.

The excess weight and pain of wearing earrings can often turn into a significant discomfort for many women. Pom pom earrings on the other hand are super comfortable to be worn and to handle, generating a whimsical appeal from every angle.