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Beaded Earrings

Beaded Earrings

It’s almost a hundred thousand years since people have started to create beads, and from that time onwards, they have used the same for crafting jewellery of all types. Such model jewellery items have become all the more popular. Beaded earrings were a popular jewellery item for ethnic wear in Asian cultures in the olden days. However, as time progressed, these earrings also embraced modernity. This transformation was because jewellers started to bring in innovation in the design and style of the same to suit western fancy wears.

Beaded earrings are everywhere, throughout cultures, and across the continents. The reason is that these are inexpensive and versatile. These come in all sorts of shapes, colours, and sizes, which facilitates the wearers to make a bold fashion statement. This is why women go bare neck and choose stunning beaded earrings to perfectly fit the theme and accentuate the ethnic aura.

We have come a long way from monarchs' reigns, wherein precious gemstones were used to make everyday ornaments. The modern-day beads are made from glass, ceramics, plastic, crystals, pearls, acrylic, metals, and other stones. Handcrafted beaded earrings have an undying demand in the market, which makes the crafting of beaded earrings a source of livelihood for many and serves as a hobby for a lot of young minds.

Making beaded earrings is the perfect start for a beginner to enter the vast world of jewellery designing. The creation of beaded earrings is indeed fun. You need only simple techniques at the beginner level, while experts use intricate bead weaving techniques to create artistic masterpieces.

Beads are so abundantly available in the market. Besides, making earrings using these beads requires very few materials and a much shorter time, which makes the craft all the more attractive. Beads come in numerous varieties, such as seed beads, Bali beads, cylindrical beads, rounded beads, crystal beads, bugle beads, etc., are a few examples. To add to the beauty of beads, vintage crystal stones, feathers, pearls, etc., are used.

Beaded earrings are widely used to make fabulous danglers. Working women usually prefer earrings studded with an eye- catchy bead that does not hinder the wearer's convenience. Children look adorable when they wear cute and coloured beads. Vintage looking beads make the best match for ethnic wears.