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Pearls Earrings

Pearls Earrings

There are many varieties of pearls available at different prices. When set in metals like silver, platinum, or gold, the best quality pearls never lose their sheen. You can wear these earrings for many years; besides, they can be a part of an heirloom.

Pearl Earrings – Different Styles

A notable feature of this type of earrings is the affordability. There are numerous models available, and with a prefixed budget, you can choose from the available different styles of pearl earrings.

  • Stud Earrings: They lend a classic look to the wearer and go well with any attire such as jeans, gowns, black-frocks, etc. That said, it's better to choose smaller pearl studs, as these will be more suitable for various types of costumes.

  • Drop Earrings: These are simple jewellery. Most of these earrings have the pearl dropping just below the earlobe. These are great for daytime as well as elegant evening wear.

  • Dangler Earrings: These are longer than the pearl drops. If you wear danglers with many pearls, for sure, you will become more glamorous and your evening get-togethers will become more enjoyable. They can even accentuate a simple dress.

  • Chandelier Earrings: These model earrings are decorated like chandeliers and are the best accessories that you can wear for dinners and wedding receptions.

  • Climber/Crawler Earrings: These earrings are designed to adorn on the earlobe, upwards, which will make the wearer's face more attractive. You can wear the stud type pearl climbers or wear them on the pierced lobe. These will require only one piercing.

  • Hooped Earrings: Pearl hoop earrings are sometimes round or even oval; these can be big, medium, or small. These earrings are so elegant and can be paired with all styles of dresses, including those worn for corporate or social events. The smaller ones are, however, more appropriate for office wear.

Types of Pearls used for Earrings

There are different types of pearls that are used to make these earrings.

  • Freshwater pearls are both well-accepted and affordable. They come in different colours such as pink, lavender, white, and peach. These are cultured in freshwater, and their quality ranges from very low to very high. These are used to make ordinary earrings.

  • Akoya pearls are a type that is cultured in Japan and are round and white. These are the shiniest among all the cultured pearls and the earrings made using these are highly sought after.

  • Tahitian black pearls are cultivated near the shores of French Polynesia. These are cultured to take on brilliant shades such as peacock, brown, etc. and have a notable metallic shimmer. These pearls are used for making fashionable earrings.

  • South Sea pearls are the most valued ones in the market, and these originate from Australia, Burma, and Indonesia. These have a softer lustre and are bulky, and hence used to create the larger earrings.