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Ashta Lakshmi Bangle

Ashta Lakshmi Bangle

In India, women have the tradition of wearing gold jewellery for thousands of years. It's par for the course in Indian culture and has a lot of significance as well. Women wear gold jewellery during all auspicious occasions and even as daily wear. The intricate designs of Indian jewellery designs reflect the dignity and glory of the country's culture.

Kerala's traditional jewellery is famous for its craftsmanship, purity, and diversity, and is well-known in many countries around the world. There are many Kerala jewellery bangle (vala) masterpieces. Kerala's traditional bangles include the Ashtalakshmi, Kappu, Palakka, and Nagapada. Among them, the Ashtalakshmi bangles occupy a special place as regards the jewellery collection of Kerala women.

Ashtalakshmi Bangles

In Hindu mythology, Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth as well as prosperity. The benevolent and graceful goddess is the provider of well-being and good health. Ashtalakshmi in Sanskrit refers to the goddess' eight incarnations.

Hindus believe that wearing Ashtalakshmi bangles brings prosperity. These bangles, made of gold, depict the eight incarnations. The designing of the images is always in a ritualistic-manner.

You can find many options of Ashtalakshmi bangles. One option is coins (kaashu) engraved with an Ashtalakshmi figure set on gold bangles. It also comes with Ashtalakshmi figures embossed on a gold kada. Another type is the one with the small coins surrounded by emerald and ruby stones.

Ashtalakshmi bangles go well with all kinds of traditional jewellery. You can wear these even with those made of pure gold. As a stand-alone piece of jewellery, it will also enhance your overall look. It is an essential piece of jewellery for all brides, especially in Kerala. Ashtalakshmi bangle highlights the complexities and intricacies of traditional jewellery designs.