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Fabric Bangles

Fabric Bangles

Jewellery made out of fabrics is not new. They have been in existence since ancient times. Early man is known to have used bones, shells, animal hide and stones to adorn their bodies. Felt, which was one of the most rapidly known fabrics to humans, was also used to make different kinds of jewellery, including fabric bangles.

This makes for the best spring-wear accessories to go with colourful clothes. It is also a wise way in which you can use leftover scraps and make yourself customized accessories.

How to make Fabric Bangles

The following text is a step-by-step set of directions to make fabric bangles at home.

To start with, you would need the following things:

Wooden or plastic bangles of differing width; the wider they are, the better. A strip of cotton of dimensions 1.5” Width x 24” Length, a foam brush, a pair of scissors and glue are all that you need to keep handy when making your fabric bangles.

You can make these fabric bangles out of the scrap cloths that you have in your home or choose to buy new fabric pieces that you think will match your outfits. In case you have wider bangles, ensure that you procure a little more fabric.

Step 1: Use the foam brush to apply the glue to the inside and outside of half of the bangle.

Step 2: Then stick one of the cut bands of fabric to the inside of the bangle at an angle and start wrapping it around the bangle. Ensure that you continue to cover the material around so that it overlaps the previous bend of the fabric wrap. Continue to wrap around the bangle smoothly without allowing it to crinkle or bunch up.

Step 3: When you have wrapped about half the bangle, using the foam brush, apply the glue to the inside and outside of the rest of the half of the bangle while holding the cloth band tightly in place.

Step 4: Continue to wrap the cloth around the bangle until all of it is covered. Stick the end of the fabric inside the bangle and cut off the extra fabric neatly.

Step 5: You can use a matt-finish sealer to give a coat on the bangle to improve its appearance. You can alternately opt for a glossy finish sealer too.

Step 6: You can now give it a final brush after the coating has dried.

The fabric bangles are now ready to be worn. These are versatile and bold pieces of jewellery that you can wear with any outfit to suit your persona.