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Pom Pom Bangles

Pom Pom Bangles

Pom pom bangles are very colourful, and the best thing about them is that there are many variants in the market. Pom pom bangle varieties have improved looks and modern appearance, which has increased their popularity multifold.

Pom Pom Bangles – The Potli Variety

The best part of these pom pom bangles is that you can customize their colour and appearance according to the ceremony you want to wear them. You can get green pom pom bangles to wear for your mehendi function and yellow ones for the haldi ceremony.

Embellishments of gota patti embroidery work accompany some potli pom pom bangles. The golden coloured threads add to their grandeur. The potlis themselves are formed by stuffing cloth. This variant is bright and perfect for the bride herself.

Pom Pom Bangles – The Plain Ones

Plain bangles can be tagged with pom-poms of different colours accompanied by ghungroos. This combination is a refined one and gives you the flexibility of adding different pom poms of different colours according to the outfit.

You can choose to decorate the bangles with pom poms of differing lengths. The more the pom poms on the bangles, the merrier it is.

Pom Pom Kalires – The Wedding Wear

Strings of pom poms sewn together can be used instead of the ‘kalire’ or the embellishments worn by the bride on her bangles.

The best colours for the pom poms would be the colour of your eye-shadow glitter. You can even select them in the same colours as your dupatta or other jewellery.

Pom Pom Bangles – The Kadas

These bangles are a combination of the handmade pom poms and gota skills. These can be typically used for the mehendi/haldi function. You can wear pom pom kadas as the end bangles for any set of colourful bangles that you wear in between them.

With pom pom bangles taking the centre-stage, pom pom bracelets are also popular and fashionable. These can be worn by little girls as well as young women, along with everyday clothes, to reflect a fun and funky attitude.