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Traditional vs Modern Chur

Traditional vs Modern Chur

Every Bengali bride loves her ornaments and looks beautiful wearing all her traditional pieces of wedding bling. But her bridal look wouldn't be complete without her 'Chur', which are essentially broad bracelets or wide bangles made of gold. The Chur is conventional-looking gold bangles that are made with clasps, thus making them easier to wear. Since they are thick bangles, they are made using at least forty to fifty grams of gold. The Chur is worn on the one hand or sometimes in pairs.

Bengali brides mostly inherit their chur from their mothers or grandmothers since these are important ancestral jewellery passed on through generations. The traditional designs of these bangles mainly consist of fine thread works in gold, bead-work, enamel designs, cutwork, scalloped borders, motifs of peacocks, fishes, sun and moon, flowers, etc. These are made with diamonds, other precious stones, and pearls as well.

While the ancestral pieces do have their old-world appeal, the contemporary designs have taken over the modern Bengali bride's heart. The latest designs of chur integrate the filigree and traditional motifs along with the embellishments such as meenakari work, geometric patterns, glittery enamel polished works, rose gold coatings, fancy structured zig-zag patterns, etc. Matte-finished antique-looking bangles are also in vogue now. The Chur bestows a regal look because of its unique design.

Not only the chur, but the Amritapaker Bala is also a very important part of the bridal ensemble. Since the Chur is a heavy bridal bangle, the Amritapaker Bala is a simple spiral design bangle slimmer than the broad chur. But these two bangles have always been an integral part of Bengali weddings.