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Loha Badhano

Loha Badhano

The lohabadhano bangles are part of the age-old traditions of West Bengal. These bangles are worn by the newly married women of the state. They wear this to inform others that they are married and enjoy the bliss of matrimony.

The lohabadhano are conventional bangles made of iron. In addition to the loha bangles, you can find two other types worn by the Bengali brides on both their hands; the shankha and pola. The pola coral bangles have a red colour. While the shankha bangles are white conches. The pola bangles are worn between the shankha, and the ‘lohabadhano’ bangles only on the left hand.

Worn only by married women, the lohabadhano bangles come in different designs and patterns. The bride is adorned with the pola, shankha, and loha bangles in a Dohi Mangal ceremony. Seven wedded ladies beautify the bride with the bangles in this ceremony. The loha bangles worn by the bride signify security in her life. The groom’s parents ensure safety and security by adorning her.

Lohabadhano of modern times come in different designs. There are lohabadhano that are coated with sterling silver, with the base bangle made of iron. They are designed to appear like bracelets. Some of them have twisted cord design. The inner side of the lohabadhano is nicely polished for comfortable wear.

The graceful designs of the lohabadhano make the hands of the wearer appear more beautiful. Many lohabadhanos come with a clasp at the end that can be fastened. Some are even embellished with precious or semi-precious stones to give a dressy look. These come in both traditional and modern minimalist designs.