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Chudi Designs

Chudi was made of shells and clay in the ancient era. In the modern twenty-first century, chudis are being made from gold, silver, copper, glass, steel, and plastic. Chudis are available in a plethora of designs. They are created in various attractive designs ranging from smoothly finished classy designs to gemstone studded elaborate models.

'Chudi' plays an important role in Indian weddings, and every region has its particular rituals associated with bangles. In the Southern states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, gold is considered auspicious, and the brides wear gold bangles in ethnic designs and sometimes contemporary designs.

The traditional bangles like Kappu, Palakka, Ashtalakshmi bangle, etc., are all-time favourites of the women. The Palakka bangles are embedded with colourful stones, and they have leaf patterns made from green or blue glass.

The Rajasthani bridal bangles, normally made from lac, are popular for their Leheriya and Kundan work. They portray an exquisite look when colourful stones and pearls are used to make them. The Rajasthani bridal look is incomplete without an array of colours on the bridal ensemble.

A similar 'Chooda' is given to Punjabi brides, but they are a mix of white and red bangles. The Chooda is worn along with dome-shaped hangings, known as Kalire, gold or silver. The newly married woman wears it for a whole year.

Maharashtrian brides usually wear green bangles made of glass and their gold bangles, which are gifted to them by the groom. The gold bangles are generally very thick, called 'Kadas', and are worn as a combination with their green bangles.

Married Bengali women wear bangles made of shells and red coral, called 'Shakha' and 'Pola'. These are considered extremely important in any Bengali wedding and are worn along with their traditional Bengali gold jewellery.

Contemporary designs have taken over the market by storm. Square-shaped, very slim, white gold or rose gold covered bangles, screw clasps, thread bangles, quilled models, etc., are a rage now. These are sometimes worn alongside the traditional bangles to create a unique style statement.

But the traditional designs have become a much-coveted item since they have attained the status of 'Antique Jewellery'.