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Copper Bangles

Copper Bangles

Bangles are such eye-catching ornaments, which are worn by people of all age groups. They are available in different varieties, shapes, and sizes.

One hundred percent recycling capacity, without losing the original quality is an exclusive trait of copper. Copper bangles are inexpensive ,durable and some people fervently believe that copper has some healing powers like reducing pains. The usage of copper bangles as a healing instrument is a residual tradition from the early Egyptian civilization.

It is a belief that wearing copper ornaments reduces swelling and pain associated with arthritis. Those with joint pain also wear copper bangles to reduce the pain. Some people even claim that wearing these ornaments improves cardiovascular health and immunity. However, there is no genuine evidence for all of these beliefs and claims.

The bangles made out of copper have a reddish-brown colour. You will be able to find copper bangles made up of pure copper, as well as alloys. Pure copper is not firm or hardy, but is flexible and can turn into many stunning designs. The combination of copper and metals like zinc and tin forms a very forceful alloy. Copper will not rust; however, it can develop a green coating over time. This coating is known as patina. You can clean the patina using substances that contain acids such as lemon, vinegar, etc.

Here are a few suggestive measures, which will help you to pick the right copper bangle. If you prefer a pure copper bangle, make sure that the design you select is made up of pure copper. The darker colours are likely to be made from cheaper grade impure copper. Next, you must make sure that the bangle does not bend easily under pressure. Apart from the pure copper styles and alloys, other designs like gold plated copper bangles, and multi-colour designs of copper bangles are available.