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Patli Bangles

Patli Bangles

Patli bangle is a traditional form of bangle that originated in India. The word ‘patli’ indicates ‘thin’. As the name suggests, these ornaments usually appear to be thin, with simple and plain designs. Such traditional designs have become quite successful in attracting the interest of the crowd towards Indian jewellery.

Jewellery makers usually prefer gold to manufacture these bangles. The 22-Karat plain gold patli bangle design is a common jewellery item that we can see in marriage functions arranged in the state of Maharashtra. The artisans craft out these broad and plain designs from pure gold. Apart from the 22-Karat models, we can also find 23-Karat and 24-karat pure gold patli bangle designs which are a perfect fit for special occasions.

The simplest form of patli bangle is the pailu patli bangle design. Besides the pure gold items, you can also find gold plated imitations of patli bangles which will be durable and ideal for all occasions. Micro gold plated ornaments, and copper-gold alloys of patli bangles are also becoming popular.

Most of the patli bangle designs, like the lightweight gold plated Kolhapuri style designer bangles, are fit for everyday use. They are suitable for people of all ages. Their simplicity, everlasting colour and shine make them more unique among the traditional Indian jewellery designs.