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Diamond Bangles Price

Diamond Bangles Price

Bangles are vital as regards Indian jewellery. Bangles are one of the easily obtainable fashion jewellery. Both precious and non-precious materials like gold, silver, platinum, diamond, copper, brass, glass, plastic, fibre, etc., are used for manufacturing bangles.

Studs, rings, and bangles made out of diamond are the most bought diamond jewellery. Diamond bangles are a perfect choice for special occasions like birthday parties and wedding functions. Diamonds are cut into various shapes and sizes, and then they are fixed on metal bands to finish the work. A single diamond is placed on the metal, or a supplementary number of diamonds are studded in the form of a chain. Simplicity is the highlighting factor of these bangles. Thus a simple diamond bangle would be a priceless ornament for the women. Even though these ornaments are expensive, no other pieces of jewellery can be matched for their shine, cut, and elegance. The brilliance reflected by these ornaments is incomparable.

The cost of these ornaments can vary according to various factors like the total number of diamonds in the bangle, the cut, karats, clarity of karats, total weight in grams, or brand etc. The shape of the diamond can also determine the price; for example, round diamonds of the same karat size can be found more expensive than the other designs. But a large, flattened-cut can disperse the shine throughout and make the diamond appear duller, resulting in a lower value.