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Bangle Ceremony

Bangle Ceremony

Women of all ages in India wear bangles. Bangles form a part of the tradition and culture of the nation. So, it is not surprising that the bangle ceremony is a significant pre-wedding ritual in the country.

The bride's parents conduct the bangle ceremony in their home before the wedding. Either the groom's family or the bride's maternal family members bring the bangles. This is an essential event in every Hindu marriage, albeit the customs may vary a little according to the state.


Sikh and Hindu Punjabi brides don themselves with red bangles (Chura), and no wedding is complete without the bride wearing these bangles. Brides wear the 'churas' during a pre-wedding ritual in the morning of the wedding day.

The bride's cousin put the churas into the bride's hands during the ceremony, and the bride wears these churas for one year after the wedding. The cousin also put on the 'kalire' with gold and silver domes on her hands.


A bangle ceremony precedes every wedding in this state too. The Maharashtrian bride wears green- coloured bangles. Green is a symbol of honesty as regards the bride. In these modern times, most of the brides wear green bangles paired with golden kadas.


In Gujarat's bangle ceremony, the mother gives bangles coloured in gold, red, and green to her daughter.


All brides in Kerala go through a bangle ceremony before their wedding. During this ceremony, they wear exquisite kada-like gold bangles that have intricate carvings.


In the bangle ceremony for brides of Karnataka, the brides don simpler bangles made of glass. They pair these with gold bangles that are also simple in appearance.


The very mention of Rajasthan paints a picture of colour and beauty. Rajasthani brides dress to look like a Rajput queen, and their bangles are colourful. The bride wears colourful bangles made of lacquer, and stones and gemstones embellish these bangles.


The bangle ceremony for a Kolkata bride is an elaborate one. Seven married women conduct the ceremony in the bride's home. They don the bride with traditional shell, and coral bangles coloured white and red.

The bride continues to wear these bangles after the wedding.

The bangle ceremonies are different, but the idea is to bless the bride with good luck, good health, and prosperity.