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Jaipur Bangles

Jaipur bangles are traditional designs of bangles that originated in the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan. We can find almost all forms and styles of bangles in Jaipur designs. The lac bangle designs have a high demand in Jaipur. It is the most popular design that originates from Jaipur. People of Jaipur consider the lac bangles produced in the city as divine. These designs hold a significant place among Jaipuri women. The manufacturers even started exporting lac bangles to foreign countries, as many tourists started loving these styles.

Jewellery makers of Rajasthan fabricate Jaipur bangles in various styles. They decorate them with pretty stones and metal embellishments. The main features of these ornaments are their attractive design, appearance and appealing look. Excellent finish, quality, purity and easy maintenance made them famous among the wearers. These bangles are available in various standard sizes, custom designs, alluring patterns and soothing colour combinations.

The main categories of Jaipur bangles are golden bangles, gold plated bangles, Polki bangles, antique bangles, Kundan bangles, meenakari bangles, victorian bangles, diamond bangles, gemstone studded bangles, gold & diamond bangles and rose-cut diamond bangles. Apart from these, we can also find other popular designs such as imitation bangles, lac bangles, bridal bangles, silver bangles, silk thread bangles, fashion stone bangles, cubic zirconia bangles, rhinestone bangles, bone bangles, wooden bangles, designer bangles, wedding bangles, thread bangles, Kada bangles, crystal bangles, resin bangles and heavily worked bangles.