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Bangles Craft Work

Bangles Craft Work

If you are a person that has many bangles as matching accessories for your different clothes, then there will most likely be many that you no longer use. It is good to recycle these bangles and turn them into something else that can be used.

Bangles Craft Wall Hanging

To make this bangles craft wall hanging, you would need some glass bangles, some matches and a candle, Fevi-quick, thread, some flexible thin wire, some embellishments like small mirror pieces ornamental buttons and a wire cutter.

This craft requires a little more caution than usual and cannot be attempted by children.

Step 1: Cut out a small piece of a bangle using a cutter. Cut it to a size that you would want the petals of the wall-hanging to be. The more substantial part of the bangle that you have cut goes to form the petal. The larger the cut, the thinner will be the size of the flower petals.

Step 2: Now light the candle and hold the centre point on the bangle above the candle for a couple of minutes. The glass bangle will then become flexible. Do not try to bend the bangle before it turns flexible physically.

Step 3: once the bangle becomes flexible, bend the bangle so that the open-cut ends come together resembling a flower petal. Do not heat the bangle any further. Choose to make as many petals as you want. You can even make tiny petals with the piece of the bangle that remains after the cut.

Step 4: You can make many petals and arrange them in two layers, one over the other in an alternate fashion so that the flower looks fuller.

Step 5: For this step, you have to arrange the flower with a full bangle at the centre and the petals on the sides on a baseboard or a plastic sheet. Make a layout of the arrangement for a neat craft piece at the end. You can use Fevi-quick for this purpose.

Step 6: Attach the petals on the large central bangle's sides and glue them to a board or a plastic sheet. Stick the embellished buttons or mirror pieces at the centre of the flower.

The flower wall hanging is now complete, and you can hang this on the wall using double-sided tape.

You can now put to good use any glass bangles that are lying forgotten or unused in your bangle box with some worthwhile bangle craft ideas.