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Pearl Bangles

Pearl Bangles

Pearl bangles come in different models created using gold, silver, copper, strings, and various other non-expensive materials. Such ornaments carry an imperial touch and make you feel special. These bangles appear to be unique and elegant while wearing them; You can wear these ornaments on any occasion, as they will suit all kinds of outfits.

It is possible to create a pearl bangle by using only pearls or as a combination, using pearl and various other gemstones. Here is a list of traditional and modern pearl bangle designs, usually found in jewellery stores and online shopping sites. These classy designs will be a perfect fit for women of all ages. If you are searching to buy some beautiful styles, you can include the designs described herein your search.

Gemstone-Pearl Bangles: Pearl, along with the coloured gemstones, forms a perfect combo that complements an outfit like party wear.

Bridal Bangles: These bangles are perfect for brides who prefer to have exclusive ornaments for wedding functions.

Designer Pearl Bangles: These bangles provide an overall designer look. The manufacturers carve them in different shapes and patterns to create unique styles. Then they attach pearls on the edges of those patterns. Jewellers use different materials like gold, silver, and copper for making designer pearl bangles.

Diamond Pearl Bangles: Diamonds, which are studded with pearls, will be a great combination and will impart a grand look to the wearer. They are the perfect suit for special occasions.

Authentic Indian Pearl bangles: These appear in the original Indian style. People usually wear them during marriages and other traditions. These patterns are fit for women who prefer traditional designs.

Kundan Pearl Bangles: Kundan bangles are traditional bangles. The mix of Kundan and pearls results in a gorgeous look. These bangles usually appear as white pearls attached to golden Kundan bangles.

Polki Embossed Pearl Bangles: These are the bangles present in an appealing design of uncut diamonds of various colours, mixed with pearls.