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Jewellery has always been an expression of beauty, personality and style. In the world of jewellery, the art of layering has its own magic. Combining different pieces of jewellery requires a […]

08 Jan 2024

With the New Year comes a new set of trends and innovations in the fashion sphere. Staying updated on these trends can guarantee you stay glamorous while adorning pieces that […]

06 Jan 2024

The holiday season is upon us, and this means it’s time to sparkle and shine at festive gatherings. If you’re looking to infuse a touch of glamour into your holiday […]

06 Dec 2023

The last months of the year is a time for elation and burgeoning festivities in India, and Durga Pujo is perhaps the most important annual festival in the Eastern parts […]

20 Oct 2023

Events often have dress codes, expecting visitors to tone down or turn up based on the occasion and time of day. Use this guide to stand out without looking out […]

20 Oct 2023

As you welcome Maveli this Onam, accessorise your Onakodi perfectly with gilded pieces of elite craftsmanship! Follow this guide to create the perfect Onam look, be it with a settu […]

07 Aug 2023

The auspicious festival of Teej is just around the corner. As your significant other delves into the pujas and rituals, show that your love is as precious as always with […]

07 Aug 2023

In 2023, jewellery styles are as abundant as the types available. This equates to plentiful options, which can become overwhelming. But don’t worry! The quintessential guide to jewellery styles is […]

03 Feb 2023

Your best friend is going to embark on a brand new chapter in her life. It’s the wedding you’ve been waiting for! The laughter, glamour and happily ever afters are […]

18 Jun 2022

Choker chains and necklaceshave an exquisite charm about themselves. An entire ensemble can come together with the right choker. Molded to trends of the season, studded with generation’s choices and […]

02 Apr 2022

What differentiates us from others and makes us unique is our personality. It comes out in the way we think, act, speak and present ourselves. Choosing attires and matching suitable […]

27 May 2021

Rose gold jewellery offers the perfect middle-ground between the sophisticated yet modern look of white gold and the classic, traditional aura of yellow gold. In this blog post, we’ll take you […]

23 Jul 2020

What is My Birthstone With rare and unique gemstones connected to one’s zodiac signs and birth months, Birthstones and birthstone jewellery have fascinated people for a long time. You don’t need to […]

05 Mar 2019

An ear piercing is a practice of making holes in the lobes or edges of the ears to allow one to wear earrings. Ear piercing is often a painful activity. […]

04 Mar 2019