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The healing power of your birthstone

The healing power of your birthstone
05 Mar 2019

What is My Birthstone
With rare and unique gemstones connected to one’s zodiac signs and birth months, Birthstones and birthstone jewellery have fascinated people for a long time. You don’t need to be a gemstone or birthstone expert to choose a perfect one for you or one to gift your dear ones. We, at Kalyan Jewellers, will help you choose your ideal piece of birthstone jewellery. However, we take, understanding and imparting knowledge as our responsibility too. Here is our primer on birthstone jewellery, each associated to its respective month and related gemstone.

The Concept of Traditional and Modern Gemstones
Zodiac or astrological gemstones (traditional gemstones) are based on Zodiac signs established on a colour system, while modern birthstones are associated to each calendar birth month. Though the idea of birthstone dates back to ancient times, the association of gemstone to corresponding birth month is a relatively modern concept. The practice of wearing gemstones associated to a birth month prevailed in different cultures across the world, in accordance with their birthstone calendars. Each birthstone has a unique meaning and effect on the one wearing it. Modern picks of gemstones are transparent while the traditional list is a mix of both transparent and opaque stones.

The popularity of wearing gemstone jewellery existed in various clans and cultures dating back to ancient times. Many civilisations believed in the protective powers and charm of gemstones in bringing good luck, health and prosperity. However, stones connected with the calendar month are either same or different from the ones that were used during the traditional era. In the past, colour was a distinguisher and the most essential feature of a gemstone, which then transformed to the month based one, the way we use it today.

Refer our birthstone guide below to get a better insight on the modern ideas of the birthstone concept. A few months have equally popular multiple birthstones allowing the user to choose what interests him or her the most.

birth stone 2 Garnet
January: Garnet
Symbol of light, guidance, power, friendship & trust. Garnet, one of the oldest gemstones in human history bestows the January-born with a rainbow of colours to choose from. Garnet jewellery charms buyers with a plethora of collection from fervent orange to greener shades.
February: Amethyst/Pearl/Zircon
Gem of peace, protection and tranquillity. Amethyst is a variety of quartz that always carries the vibrancy of violet. This birthstone of the February born has been an all-time favourite jewellery choice among kings and queens through the ages. Amethyst jewellery comes in hues of vibrant violet, deepest purple and the palest of lilacs.
birth stone 2 Amethyst
birth stone 2 Aquamarine
March: Aquamarine/Bloodstone/Jasper
Gem of hope, health, youth and happiness. Aquamarine is popularly known as the gem of the sea. This mesmerising, perfect birthstone of March, in sea hues is one of the favourite gems of jewellery designers and birthstone admirers. Aquamarine jewellery with its delicate blue tones reminiscing the sea, comes in colour accents from pale to deep blue.
April: Diamond/White Topaz/ Sapphire
Gem of purity, Love, innocence, strength and harmony. Diamond, the beautiful and valuable gemstone of April makes history by adorning dynasties. Diamond is the official birthstone of April, and white topaz is the affordable alternative pick for gemstone lovers. Diamonds are mostly white in nature, but its fancy colour palette includes blue, pink and yellow. Colours like brown, green and the rare red add more to choose from in the coloured diamond category. Though it is highly prized, like most jewellery it has collections which fit every pocket size.
birth stone 2 Diamond
birth stone 2 Emerald
May: Emerald/Agate/Chrysoprase
Gem of love, loyalty, life, friendship and success. Emerald, the greenest of green and most prized of all green gemstones is the birthstone of the May born. Solid emeralds are the most treasured and rarest of gemstones. Radiating a beautiful vivid tone, these precious stones, showcase the most beautiful vibrant shades of green nature could ever have. Emerald jewellery boasts of a colour palette ranging from light grass green to wealthy velvety green and is a highly desirable ornament.
June: Pearl /Lab Alexandrite
Gem of purity, luck and fortune. June’s birthstone, Pearl is a precious gift from the sea. It takes years to shape and form. Pearls have been wildly popular in jewellery making for centuries because of their natural beauty.
birth stone 2 Pearl
birth stone 2 Ruby
July: Ruby/Onyx/Carnelian/Turquoise
Gem of passion, love, devotion and desire. Ruby brings good fortune to its owner, the July born. Ruby jewellery has been a favourite since ancient times. This magnificent stone is the most valuable among gemstones as it radiates passion and vitality. The value of a Ruby is determined based on its colour and quality. Fine-red, pale-rose, red and deepest carmine are the colour variants of ruby.
August: Peridot/Moonstone/Carnelian/Topaz
Gem of spirit, serenity, trust and gladness. The gorgeous green gem , Peridot instils power in the August born. Though its signature colour is lime-green, Peridot birthstone jewellery occurs in resplendent tones of green from yellow- green to olive-green.
birth stone 2 Peridot
birth stone 2 Sapphire
September: Sapphire/Peridot/Lapis Lazuli/Chrysolite
Gem of sincerity, charm, love and trust. Sapphire, the majestic birthstone of September is a gem adored by Royals. This beautiful blue birthstone of September is marked by its distinctively rich azure colour. Its variants are found in colours of pale blue, cornflower blue, violet blue to dark blue. Though Sapphire mostly occurs in blue variants, it is also found in pink, yellow, green, white, purple and orange and are referred to by that colour.
October: Opal/Tourmaline/Aquamarine
Gem of hope, faith, brilliance and good fortune. Opal is the gem for those born in October. Opal is adorned for its uniqueness in colour. Each gem is genuinely unique owing to its rare form of colour combination. For those born in October, Tourmaline is another favourite birthstone attributing to its beautiful rainbow colours.
birth stone 2 Opal
birth stone 2 Pearl
November: Topaz/Citrine/ Pearl
Gem of faithfulness, friendship, optimism and loyalty. Topaz and Citrine are the birthstones associated with November, but topaz is the ever-popular and most desired gem. Rich orange imperial topaz is the popular gem variant. It is also found in other rich colour shades of blue, pink, red, green, white, pale brown and deep golden yellow (sherry topaz).
December: Turquoise /Blue Topaz/Tanzanite/Zircon/Bloodstone/Lapis Lazuli
Gem of prosperity, happiness, clarity and strength. Turquoise, the December birthstone is a gorgeous gem and is highly adored in jewellery. It has excellent colour combinations, mostly in green and blue hues. This gemstone is largely found in shades ranging from china blue to blue-green and yellowish green shades. It must be noted that black, brown and ochre variants are also available in turquoise jewellery.
birth stone 2 Turquoise

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or to gift your loved ones, we at Kalyan Jewellers, hope this article throwing light on birthstone jewellery, has helped you understand the basics of gems and their associations month-wise