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Just as the popular Hindi song Bole Chudiyan (When bangles speak) goes, very few sounds can match the sound of bangles dancing and sparkling against one’s hands. Whether you are […]

20 May 2024

As spring brings warmth and vibrancy, we are reminded of the upcoming auspicious festival of Akshaya Tritiya. Also known as Akha Teej, it’s a highly auspicious Hindu festival that falls […]

17 May 2024

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it is the perfect time to honour the women who have nourished us with love care and unspoken sacrifices. Make this Mother’s […]

16 May 2024

Eid, the festival of reflections, feasting, and togetherness, holds a special place in the hearts of millions around the world. In India, Eid is celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm, […]

13 Apr 2024

Get those feet thumping, the dholaks drumming, and bring out all that jewelled bling- the wedding season is here to stay! In a culturally rich country like India, weddings are […]

20 Oct 2023

Indian jewellery has a rich and vibrant heritage that dates back thousands of years. Among the various gemstones used in Indian jewellery, emeralds have held a special place of admiration and intrigue. Known for […]

01 Jun 2023

Pearl jewellery is an elegant and timeless piece that can elevate any look. With their iridescent lustre and delicate beauty, they can quickly add elegance and sophistication to the overall ensemble. […]

04 Apr 2023

India is a land rich in culture, heritage and bright splashes of colour. This is also reflected in the jewellery we choose to wear. The country has a rich and diverse history […]

06 Mar 2023

It’s Valentine’s Day and a special occasion to show your love and affection for each other. So say it with something special! And what’s more special and precious than a […]

03 Feb 2023

Beginnings are memorable and beautiful! They remind us of where we started and how far we’ve come, of growth, prosperity and the journey. Perhaps that is why we hold so […]

12 Jan 2023

A new year is dawning soon. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to introspect on the bygone year and make new resolutions for the coming year. This […]

08 Dec 2022

A piece of jewellery may represent not only investment and pride but also luxury and extravagance. There is an entire section of the jewellery industry to accommodate the needs of […]

23 Oct 2022

Navratri – a time-honoured tradition that celebrates the Divine feminine. A celebration replete with culture, festivities and spirituality. Navratri means nine nights and is glorified in honour of the many […]

29 Sep 2022

2022 is the year of the pearl! Although the gemstone never went out of style, this year, it has exploded onto the scene with entire segments in style devoted to it, […]

22 Aug 2022

Jewellery has always been a beautiful form of self-expression. Our taste in jewellery reflects not just our personal style, but also our moods, our values, and our belief systems. A new […]

18 Feb 2022

Pearls are termed the ‘queen of Gems’ and rightly so. It is not worn on a daily basis by just about anyone. It requires a certain class and elegance to […]

27 Jun 2021

Although jewellery is a market that is focused predominantly on women, there are several options when it comes to styling men with jewellery. In ancient India, the men of a kingdom would style […]

27 Apr 2021

What is My Birthstone With rare and unique gemstones connected to one’s zodiac signs and birth months, Birthstones and birthstone jewellery have fascinated people for a long time. You don’t need to […]

05 Mar 2019