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Just as the popular Hindi song Bole Chudiyan (When bangles speak) goes, very few sounds can match the sound of bangles dancing and sparkling against one’s hands. Whether you are […]

20 May 2024

Handcrafted jewellery is a timeless embodiment of grace and splendour, transforming raw metals into beautiful wearable poetry. Among the myriad handmade jewellery designs, the beauty of handcrafted Polkis and Meenakaris holds a legacy of its own. Unlike traditional cut diamonds, Polki diamonds retain their […]

14 Feb 2024

The holiday season is upon us, and this means it’s time to sparkle and shine at festive gatherings. If you’re looking to infuse a touch of glamour into your holiday […]

06 Dec 2023

Your wedding is your BIG DAY! As such, the jewellery must elevate your style while turning you into the sparkling diva you are destined to be! Stand out by finding the right […]

11 Nov 2023

Get those feet thumping, the dholaks drumming, and bring out all that jewelled bling- the wedding season is here to stay! In a culturally rich country like India, weddings are […]

20 Oct 2023

A day of glee and jubilation, when on the tapestry of love two souls thread the mangalsutra of communion, share vows and etch promises into each other’s hearts. A wedding day is […]

09 Sep 2023

A diamond in all its splendour, uncut, unfaceted and unpolished! Welcome to the exquisite world of Polkis. An all-time favourite among brides and jewellery lovers, Polkis are magnificent uncut diamond jewellery that […]

09 Sep 2023

In 2023, jewellery styles are as abundant as the types available. This equates to plentiful options, which can become overwhelming. But don’t worry! The quintessential guide to jewellery styles is […]

03 Feb 2023

We all love our diamond-studded wonders and mesmerising Polki jewellery! Whether it’s for their sparkle or the intricacies of design, a diamond or Polki piece is a must-have! But what most people forget is […]

14 Jul 2022

Diamonds are timeless. You never actually need an excuse to buy a set of jewellery sparkling with resplendent designs with beautiful diamonds. Diamonds find a way to suit every occasion. Whether […]

09 Dec 2021