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The last months of the year is a time for elation and burgeoning festivities in India, and Durga Pujo is perhaps the most important annual festival in the Eastern parts […]

20 Oct 2023

Events often have dress codes, expecting visitors to tone down or turn up based on the occasion and time of day. Use this guide to stand out without looking out […]

20 Oct 2023

A day of glee and jubilation, when on the tapestry of love two souls thread the mangalsutra of communion, share vows and etch promises into each other’s hearts. A wedding day is […]

09 Sep 2023

Bracelets are one of the most versatile pieces in a jewellery box. Wearing a bracelet can transform any look, from ordinary to chic and classic, in no time. Bracelets are timeless […]

03 Feb 2023

This Christmas season, spread happiness and cheer with gifts that sparkle the eyes! What better way to make them beam than by gifting some bling? Whether it’s him or her, […]

08 Nov 2022

Know what else is special than jewellery…? Daughters. Daughters are a blessing, and they should be cherished and loved unconditionally. Your home is always jovial and exuberant when you have […]

22 Sep 2022

Bracelets are one of the simplest yet staple pieces of jewellery in anyone’s box. A bracelet can be so versatile and used in many ways. Tied around the hand, it’s called a bracelet; […]

20 Jul 2022

Raksha Bandhan’s around the corner, so it’s time to look for the perfect gift for your not-so-perfect playtime companion: your sister! As you carry on the rakhi rituals, make the […]

15 Jul 2022

Matte finish gold jewellery refers to any piece with a muted and brushed look. When done correctly, it creates a stunning and distinctive look that’s highly versatile. The finish is achieved either […]

12 Jul 2022

Father’s Day is right around the corner! It means it’s the perfect time for you to show your appreciation! To show your gratitude for the spirit he created in you, […]

07 Jun 2022

There is a feeling of excitement and love as we approach Valentine’s Day every year. Days like these are not just a reflection from our regular busy lives, but they […]

14 Feb 2022

The 21 st century has brought in a lot of changes including the love for the ‘King of all metals’ among us, Indians. Platinum jewelleries have been popular ever since. Being the rarest metal […]

23 Nov 2020

Rose gold jewellery offers the perfect middle-ground between the sophisticated yet modern look of white gold and the classic, traditional aura of yellow gold. In this blog post, we’ll take you […]

23 Jul 2020

Working women are the products of a new empowered society, and we couldn’t be more proud of the millions of women juggling work and home with ease and confidence. They […]

04 Mar 2019

The engagement is a highly momentous occasion of a couple’s life, where two people commit to staying together forever. The physical symbol of this beautiful moment is an engagement ring! […]

28 Jan 2017