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Just as the popular Hindi song Bole Chudiyan (When bangles speak) goes, very few sounds can match the sound of bangles dancing and sparkling against one’s hands. Whether you are […]

20 May 2024

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it is the perfect time to honour the women who have nourished us with love care and unspoken sacrifices. Make this Mother’s […]

16 May 2024

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Solitaire? Is it an engagement ring? Among the kinds of jewellery, nothing speaks of elegance and timeless beauty quite like solitaires. […]

14 Feb 2024

Handcrafted jewellery is a timeless embodiment of grace and splendour, transforming raw metals into beautiful wearable poetry. Among the myriad handmade jewellery designs, the beauty of handcrafted Polkis and Meenakaris holds a legacy of its own. Unlike traditional cut diamonds, Polki diamonds retain their […]

14 Feb 2024

A new trend has captured the spotlight in the 2024 scene – Pearls! These shiny round gems are taking over the jewellery scene, from bangles to rings, chokers, and drops! In […]

14 Feb 2024

In the world of jewellery, diamonds have always held a special place. Its timeless elegance and unparalleled ability to capture hearts turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Whether it is a grand […]

11 Nov 2023

Floral jewellery has held an important place in the world of jewellery designs from time immemorial. The allure of gold jewellery in floral motifs truly captivates and enchants everyone. From delicate necklaces and intricately crafted earrings to mesmerizing rings and bracelets, […]

20 Jul 2023

We all love our diamond-studded wonders and mesmerising Polki jewellery! Whether it’s for their sparkle or the intricacies of design, a diamond or Polki piece is a must-have! But what most people forget is […]

14 Jul 2022

Wedding jewellery is a bedazzling affair of opulent grandeur, grace and glitz, just like our eventful weddings! What better way to up your glam game on the altar than by […]

14 Jun 2022

Promise rings are a statement of commitment! A piece of unique jewellery symbolising that they have indeed found the one. Long gone are the days where promise rings were all […]

12 Apr 2022

Choker chains and necklaceshave an exquisite charm about themselves. An entire ensemble can come together with the right choker. Molded to trends of the season, studded with generation’s choices and […]

02 Apr 2022

The choice of jewellery is often a reflection of one’s true self. It gets even more interesting when occasion and trends intersect, it’s intriguing how women choose their jewellery. A playful […]

24 Jan 2022

Diamonds are timeless. You never actually need an excuse to buy a set of jewellery sparkling with resplendent designs with beautiful diamonds. Diamonds find a way to suit every occasion. Whether […]

09 Dec 2021

Even though the year 2020 has restricted our public appearances, it has set several diamond trends that are here to stay. Diamond jewellery has been around us Indians for a long time.it […]

19 Jan 2021

On a typical evening, I sat on a comfortable couch and started sifting through a magazine when my son, Bala rushed into the living room carrying a number of pamphlets […]

23 Nov 2020

Diamonds have held an extraordinary allure for humanity since the beginning of time. One of the most historic jewels in the world is a rare blue diamond called the Hope […]

06 Mar 2019

The origin of the word ‘diamond’ can be traced back to the ancient Greek word ‘Adamas’ (which was often used to describe the hardest body known to man). In ancient times, people believed that […]

06 Mar 2019

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Unlike other coloured stones and crystals, the supreme brilliance of a diamond makes it unique and a must have for the ladies! Did you […]

04 Mar 2019

Working women are the products of a new empowered society, and we couldn’t be more proud of the millions of women juggling work and home with ease and confidence. They […]

04 Mar 2019