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Uncut Diamonds

A diamond in all its splendour, uncut, unfaceted and unpolished! Welcome to the exquisite world of Polkis. An all-time favourite among brides and jewellery lovers, Polkis are magnificent uncut diamond jewellery that […]

09 Sep 2023

A piece of jewellery may represent not only investment and pride but also luxury and extravagance. There is an entire section of the jewellery industry to accommodate the needs of […]

23 Oct 2022

We all love our diamond-studded wonders and mesmerising Polki jewellery! Whether it’s for their sparkle or the intricacies of design, a diamond or Polki piece is a must-have! But what most people forget is […]

14 Jul 2022

Choker chains and necklaceshave an exquisite charm about themselves. An entire ensemble can come together with the right choker. Molded to trends of the season, studded with generation’s choices and […]

02 Apr 2022

Jewellery has always been a beautiful form of self-expression. Our taste in jewellery reflects not just our personal style, but also our moods, our values, and our belief systems. A new […]

18 Feb 2022

With the onset of the New Year, several new trends have been established in the world of fashion especially for the bride. Some trends call out to the minimalist brides […]

19 Jan 2021

Chokers are a type of necklace which comprise of a metal string (often gold) which would circle around a woman’s neck closely and latch at the back of the neck. The origin of […]

23 Nov 2020