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A guide to gifting your wife the perfect Teej bangle!

A guide to gifting your wife the perfect Teej bangle!
07 Aug 2023

The auspicious festival of Teej is just around the corner. As your significant other delves into the pujas and rituals, show that your love is as precious as always with a gift of gold.

The most commonly gifted item of gold during Teej is gold bangles. Women adorn these bangles during the puja. With countless designs, picking the ideal bangle for your partner can get confusing! Follow our guide to choose the perfect piece of glimmer for her wrists.

Traditional Bangles

Traditional pieces are rooted in the rich heritage and culture of our land. These heavier pieces with ornate designs and motifs of Gods, Goddesses and India’s various birds and animals will surely leave her speechless.

Antique Bangles

Antique jewellery refers to pieces made with a brushed finish. This finish dulls the lustre a bit while adding a unique sense of richness in terms of texture and finish. Antique jewellery is another perfect gift for the auspicious occasion of Teej.

Traditional and antique bangles can also include the addition of semi precious stones and diamonds that add to the magic.

Broad Bangles

If you’re significant other is into bolder bangles but prefers something modern in design, broad bangles are a category worth exploring. The width of the bangle allows for a myriad of designs, from solid bangles with studded gemstones to filigree pieces that have meticulously crafted intricate designs.

Thin Bangles

Thin bangles offer designs and elements similar to broad bangles but on a more petite, slimmer silhouette for those who prefer lighter bangles.

Oval Bracelets

Oval bracelets are thinner adornments for the wrist and feature the most modern designs among the types discussed so far. Designs range from geometric patterns and shapes to minimalistic ones. Oval bracelets can also feature stunning stone and enamel work, adding another layer of sophistication to the piece. Designs also include a contemporary take on traditional motifs like the peacock, creating a flattering ornament.

Finding the perfect Teej bangle for your significant other is a rewarding experience of discovering something she will cherish for eternity. We wish you the best in your quest!