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Events often have dress codes, expecting visitors to tone down or turn up based on the occasion and time of day. Use this guide to stand out without looking out […]

20 Oct 2023

Beginnings are memorable and beautiful! They remind us of where we started and how far we’ve come, of growth, prosperity and the journey. Perhaps that is why we hold so […]

12 Jan 2023

A new year is dawning soon. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to introspect on the bygone year and make new resolutions for the coming year. This […]

08 Dec 2022

On her wedding day, the bride shines bright like a radiant diamond. She is the centre of attention with all eyes on her. With her bridesmaids around her constantly, they […]

08 Nov 2022

2022 is the year of the pearl! Although the gemstone never went out of style, this year, it has exploded onto the scene with entire segments in style devoted to it, […]

22 Aug 2022

Celebrating your child’s first milestones is something that will always stay close to your heart. Their first birthday, the first time they had solid food, or the first time they […]

18 Feb 2022

There is a feeling of excitement and love as we approach Valentine’s Day every year. Days like these are not just a reflection from our regular busy lives, but they […]

14 Feb 2022

December is all about celebrations; from Christmas to New Year’s, there’s a trail of events. There is a party glow everywhere. You get to go out, meet your close friends […]

04 Jan 2022

The onset of the month of February brings an air of romance along with it. Fluffy cakes, sweet smelling flowers, decadent chocolates and colourful confetti set the world in the […]

21 Dec 2020

The small mandapam inside the temple is decorated beautifully with thousands of sweet smelling blossoms. The soft hymns chanting the almighty’s name and fame could be heard from anywhere in […]

17 Sep 2020