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Look stylish without compromising on functionality with this guide to lightweight college jewellery! While it is true that universities are the hub of enlightenment and seeking knowledge, it’s also a place […]

01 Jun 2023

An outfit’s only as good as the accessories! What you wear around your neck is crucial as it can make or break an outfit. This is especially true for pendants and necklaces, as […]

04 Apr 2023

Whether it’s a gift someone gave you or you treating yourself, rings always hold sentimental value. As such, making sure the ring fits well and suits your style is paramount. How to […]

18 Jan 2023

2022 is the year of the pearl! Although the gemstone never went out of style, this year, it has exploded onto the scene with entire segments in style devoted to it, […]

22 Aug 2022

The idea behind the concept of lightweight jewellery was practicality. It was to create something that you could wear every day instead of a piece of jewellery that stays in […]

18 Oct 2021

In an Indian household, the jewellery box usually comprises of big and bold, chunky, statement pieces of jewellery. From show stopping necklaces to eye-catching dangly diamond earrings, the list is endless. But, these jewels are for […]

27 Apr 2021

Selecting jewellery for the office can be challenging. You don’t want to go over the top and at the same time, jewellery adds personality to your entire office look. The […]

28 Jun 2017