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A jewellery styling guide for Durga Pujo

A jewellery styling guide for Durga Pujo
20 Oct 2023

The last months of the year is a time for elation and burgeoning festivities in India, and Durga Pujo is perhaps the most important annual festival in the Eastern parts of the country which comes around the month of October. During the festival, commemorating the return of Devi Durga from Kailas to her home on earth, entire communities in the Eastern states come together in celebration. Streets are incandescent with glee at night and roads are almost choked in preparation for the upcoming festivities. Here is a jewellery styling guide to alleviate your woes of preparation and make you shine a little brighter during this vibrant festival.

Choosing the right jewellery for the occasion is paramount to stand out and make this Durga Pujo the most memorable one yet. Traditional Bengali attires are renowned for its modest beauty, and so pairing apt jewellery is essential both to compliment the simplicity of the attires and also to add a little sparkle to the same.

On the day of Shashti as the visage of the goddess Durga is revealed during the rituals of bodhon, pious simplicity would best suit the occasion. Go for simple necklaces with a pronounced gemstone pendant that matches the colour of your saree. You can also add some colour to the occasion by wearing shakha pola bangles which sprinkles an elegant flair to your outfit.

For Nabapatrika on shaptami, you can choose to mix and match metals. Choosing among gold, rose gold, silver, and or platinum, one can create a unique look which adds a contemporary twist to such a quaint tradition. Rose gold bracelets, silver rings, platinum chain-pendants, and gold earrings will surely make for an eye catching look.

On the very special occasion of Kumari puja on ashtami, you can choose to layer your jewellery. Experiment with layering necklaces of varying lengths or stacking bangles and bracelets. This technique allows you to showcase multiple pieces of jewellery while adding depth and texture to your ensemble.

As the celebrations reach the zenith, on Moha nabami, it is time for one to embrace decadence, and tradition. Expansive Kaan baala earrings, an exquisite and intricately designed sita haar necklace, and bangles with beautiful temple motifs, paired with the traditional white and red garad saree will make any woman look like Bengali royalty.

With the pujo crescendoing on Bijoydashami, and as the idols of the goddess are being prepped for its last dip in the Ganga, it’s time for sindur khela. It is best to choose a statement piece like a long and bold necklace, or chunky bangles, whilst being light on other accessories for the ritual. This keeps it simple whilst also putting a star on you amidst the crowd.

Durga Puja is a time for celebration, and your jewellery choices can play a significant role in enhancing your festive appearance. Whether you prefer traditional and heritage jewellery, statement pieces, or a mix of metals and gemstones, there are endless possibilities to style your jewellery for this special occasion. Remember to balance your jewellery with your outfit, embrace tradition, and let your inner goddess shine through. Happy Durga Pujo and may your style be as radiant as the festival itself!