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Every New Year brings with it joy and hope for the coming days. Pohela Boishakh, the Bengali New Year, is also celebrated with similar fanfare and fervour in the Eastern states of India. […]

10 Apr 2024

The auspicious festival of Teej is just around the corner. As your significant other delves into the pujas and rituals, show that your love is as precious as always with […]

07 Aug 2023

In 2023, jewellery styles are as abundant as the types available. This equates to plentiful options, which can become overwhelming. But don’t worry! The quintessential guide to jewellery styles is […]

03 Feb 2023

Jewellery trends in 2023 to watch out for. And with a blink of an eye, it’s 2023! While we look upon new beginnings and better lifestyle choices, let’s also look […]

12 Jan 2023

Dhanteras, also known as Dhanatrayodashi, marks the beginning of the Diwali celebrations, observed in the month of Ashvini on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight). Dhanteras is […]

15 Oct 2022

Temple jewellery – one of India’s crafted treasures, has adorned the jewellery boxes of the Indian woman for decades. Made of gold and precious stones, traditional and ethnic temple jewellery is handcrafted to perfection, […]

15 Jul 2022

Matte finish gold jewellery refers to any piece with a muted and brushed look. When done correctly, it creates a stunning and distinctive look that’s highly versatile. The finish is achieved either […]

12 Jul 2022

Diwali, the much-anticipated festival of lights, rangolis and joy, calls for dressing up and looking gorgeous. Diwali brings with it camaraderie, wealth, and unparalleled delight. A festival celebrated with the […]

26 Oct 2021

Rose gold jewellery offers the perfect middle-ground between the sophisticated yet modern look of white gold and the classic, traditional aura of yellow gold. In this blog post, we’ll take you […]

23 Jul 2020

The age old traditions that vary through the different parts of the seventh largest state, Karnataka have the people following diverse wedding styles in keeping with the rich diversity of […]

05 Mar 2019

Blessed with white sandy beaches, a beautiful network of backwaters, blue hills and rainforests, Kerala is befittingly called ‘God’s own country’ . ‘Simple living and high thinking’ is a way of life […]

04 Mar 2019

Our fascination with jewellery, dates back to the Indus valley civilization. India is a grand old nation that has seen the rise and fall of countless empires, and with them, […]

04 Mar 2019

Weddings are the greatest celebrations of love, elegance and abundance. Everything about a wedding, starting from the theme, is of great importance to making the day memorable. Undeniably, the centermost […]

01 Mar 2019