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build a wedding trousseau

How to Build a wedding trousseau from jewellery point of view ?

There’s something unique about Indian brides and the intricately designed bridal jewellery! Be it any culture, religion or tradition we follow; no marriage is complete without an elaborate jewellery collection. From magnificent statement neckpieces to chandelier styled earrings, it’s actually pretty exciting to shop for the various upcoming events preceding your marriage ceremony!

Here we present a wedding jewellery trousseau guide which will help you choose the right jewellery and add a sparkle to the treasured moments of your life!

Start by making a list of the different events and functions you’ll be hosting as a part of your marriage celebrations. You need jewellery sets for each of these occasions which will match your outfit as well! If you are someone who isn’t keen on ultra glamourous appeal, then try to choose light and fashionable jewellery sets which you can wear on occasions even after the wedding. A conventional Kundan set or Gota jewellery with a beautiful maang tikka would go well for the Mehendi and Sangeet ceremony. And a fresh floral neckpiece, earrings, maang tika, and bangles would look lovely for the Haldi ceremony.

Remember the famous saying by Elizabeth Taylor?

Big girls need big diamonds

Of course, you can afford to go a little overboard with your wedding jewellery, after all, it is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and you have to make it memorable! We recommend heavy traditional jewellery for your wedding day comprising of these timeless classics:

build a wedding trousseau 01

Maang Tika
A maang tika is an essential part of the bridal jewellery. It is considered auspicious and also mandatory to be worn on the wedding day. Choosing the right maang tikka is very important, for a bride with a broader forehead should choose a heavier maang tikka and a bride with smaller forehead should go for delicate and lighter maang tikka. It should match the colour of the necklace and the attire for the perfect look!

build a wedding trousseau 01
build a wedding trousseau 02

Jhumkas are the best earrings for the wedding. A richly designed jhumka would go well with any shape and size of the face. If your bridal attire is of light pastel colours, then go for diamond or stone studded jhumkas, and traditional gold jhumkas would go well with darker tone sarees and lehengas.

build a wedding trousseau 03

Nose Ring or Nath
Traditionally nose rings were introduced by Mughals in India which was later adopted by many Indian cultures. You can choose to wear a nose pin or bigger nose ring to complement your wedding attire!

build a wedding trousseau 03
build a wedding trousseau 04

No wedding is complete without a beautiful and rich neckpiece! Treat yourself to royalty by adorning an exquisitely crafted traditional choker necklace which matches your attire and earrings. Diamond necklace would look perfect with pastel coloured attire, and a gold necklace would complement darker coloured attire.

build a wedding trousseau 05

We are never tired of the pleasant tinkling sound of our bangles! You can choose to wear gold bangles or glass bangles on your wedding day. Make sure that the colour of the bangles matches your overall attire!

build a wedding trousseau 05
build a wedding trousseau 06

Finger Rings
We all love rings! Traditionally the bride wears the engagement ring on the occasion of marriage, but you can choose to wear more rings as per your choice!

build a wedding trousseau 07

Waistband isn’t much common these days, but it really adds a traditional touch to your wedding attire. Choose for a broad or slim waistband depending upon your body structure and attire.

build a wedding trousseau 07
build a wedding trousseau 08

Anklet and Toe Ring
Anklet or payal is another essential element of the Indian bridal jewellery ! In many cultures, anklets and toe rings are to be worn by the bride even after the marriage ceremony. Science indicates that it maintains healthy reproductive organs in a woman’s body.

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