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The Big Day: Look Stunning and Unique In Your Bridal Avatar

The Big Day: Look Stunning and Unique In Your Bridal Avatar
11 Nov 2023

Your wedding is your BIG DAY! As such, the jewellery must elevate your style while turning you into the sparkling diva you are destined to be! Stand out by finding the right look for you with our blog.

The Traditional Queen

Channel your inner queen with traditional jewellery pieces and heritage attire. Remember to don flamboyant pieces of regalia unique to your area, like an oversized Nath or gemstone-studded Maang Tikkas. Choose between layered temple necklaces or polki jewellery for extra glamour.

Ensure the gemstones you pick synchronise with the outfit. We recommend layering thick bangles and celebrating the occasion with extravagant earrings.

The Magical Minimalist

If you prefer a mellowed-down yet elegant look at your wedding, make a bold statement with dainty pieces of magic. Build your look around a statement choker piece. While chokers of all kinds are fantastic, our go-to pick would be a polki choker.

Opt for diamond-studded bracelets on the wrist and a couple of solitaires to add glimmer to your look. For earrings, we suggest studs instead of jhumkas or other hanging earrings. If you like the unique look it creates, make sure to add a minimalist maang tikka to complete the look.

The Contemporary and Charming

Mix and match your favourite traditional and modern pieces for a contemporary look. The only rule is that there are no rules; as such, get as creative as possible and create something truly you. Will you go for a stunning layer of two polki pieces from our new Padma collection and a choker or something traditional, like motifs of Gods and Goddesses? Ask questions about the kind of chains, necklaces and jewellery you will wear to create a custom look!

The Destination Diva

If you’re planning on a destination wedding, we recommend matching the vibe of the destination to your outfit and jewellery. An example of this would be:-

Wear a statement pearl necklace and earring set for a beach wedding and pair it with diamond bracelets, rings and bangles. The whites of the pearl and the diamonds add the perfect level of shine to match the tropical hues of a beach wedding.

We hope you’ve found the right aesthetic to match your style and personality as we close! We hope you shine and look like royalty on your big day!