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Indian Bridal Hairstyles: The Perfect 16 Wedding Hairdo pics

Indian Bridal Hairstyles: The Perfect 16 Wedding Hairdo pics
07 Mar 2019

Hair and makeup are two key elements that complete a bridal look. The bridal hairdo is one of the crucial elements that decides the overall look of a bride. It is indeed a demanding and challenging task to choose the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day. You need to take into account different factors such as the shape of your face, hair texture, hair length, accessories, the design of your blouse, tolerance to chemicals and many other personal aspects. Trying out different hairstyles before your wedding day is an absolute must to avoid last minute stress and changes. Bridal hairstyles can be categorised in three ways – Braided, Up-Dos, and Buns.

Here are the perfect 16 bridal hairstyles to choose from:

1. Flowing soft waves with a veil.
For the beautiful bride with wavy hair, this one will elevate your look enhancing your wedding attire. A simple wavy, side-parted flow down look is more attractive when complemented with a maang tikka, a choker piece and gold earrings .

2. Wavy side partition with braided hair and adornments.
Another classic Indian hairstyle is the braided plait decorated with floral and ornamental embellishments. With side-parted soft waves in the front and a maang tikka, veil and nose ring, it completes that classic bridal look.

Bridal Hairstyles p1
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3. Loose side-parted curls with a bun updo.
The messy side-parted loose curls in the front perfectly complement the neat bun updo and give a modern twist to this traditional style. The veil, maang tikka, nose ring and a choker necklace is the perfect combination for this alluring look.

4. Side-parted wavy hair with a simple bun updo.
Side-parted wavy or side-swept hair in the front works like a dream with a simple and elegant bun updo. The bun is decorated with flowers and other hair accessories. It is ideal for both, brides without a veil or a see-through veil since the decorated bun is the centrepiece.

5. The Layered Bun.
The hair is divided into several sections and styled separately which then comes together in a messy and chic bun. This fashionable hairdo adds a lot of texture and glamour to the simple hair bun.

6. South Indian hair bun.
The traditional South Indian hairstyle has a neat hair parting in the front and an elegant bun in the back decorated with jasmine flowers. The hair partition is adorned with a maang tikka or Netti Chutti that has chains that border the forehead and frames the face. Hair ornaments are used to decorate the bun as well.

Bridal Hairstyles p3
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7. Side partition with long wavy curls paired with a maang tikka.
Maang tikka or Maatha Patti is one of the favourite hair accessories used by Indian brides. The best option for long wavy hair is to opt to let your hair down, styled with wavy curls and to combine them with a maang tikka; which creates a simple however attractive look. This style is best suited for brides with long tresses. The hair is parted from one side with soft waves at the top and curls at the bottom. You can use volumising products to add volume to your hair and use a hair curler to create loose waves for that stunning look.
8.The floral bun.
One of the most sought-after hairdos for Indians wedding is the floral bun. The hair is styled in such a way that the bun looks like a bouquet of roses. This bouquet of tresses is further decorated with pearls and real flowers for that gorgeous bridal hairstyle. The front can be neatly side-parted or side swept.
9. Loosely braided ponytail with a mini-bouffant.
This hairstyle will look gorgeous on brides with waist length hair. Others can use hair extensions to get this perfect bridal hairstyle. The mini bouffant adds drama and glamour to the entire look. Additionally, a maang tikka or an ornamental Nathni (nose pin), will be perfect for either a trendy or traditional bridal look.

10. The side swept hair-do teamed with a bun.
Side swept hairstyle is one of the most contemporary and chic hairstyles that modern brides choose. Teamed with a low hanging bun, it raises the style quotient. This style is perfect for brides with short hair. A wig or hair extensions can be used for the bun.

Bridal Hairstyles p5
Bridal Hairstyles p6
11. Pull back hairdo.
It is a far cry from all the other styles since it omits the hair partition altogether. Instead, the hair is pulled back into a bun. A braided hair extension can be added to accentuate the look. An ornamental Matha Patti and a delicate veil would work beautifully with this style.

12. Swanky flapper hairdo.
The best hairstyle for a bride with short hair is the 20’s flapper hairdo or the “Kangana Ranaut” Style. The side parting style along with the curls at the end is a classy and elegant look.

13. Retro South Indian hair bun.
The classic South Indian hair bun has a neat hair partition and not a hair out of place. Wavy, messy hair on either side of the partition with a slightly bouffant bun in the back gives a retro-chic twist to the quintessential South Indian bun.

14. The braided bun updo.
The braided bun updo is a contemporary and chic hairstyle for the modern bride. It screams confidence since this style focuses all the attention to your face. Statement jewellery pieces will work exceptionally well with this style.

Bridal Hairstyles p7
Bridal Hairstyles p8
15. Classic South Indian plait with flowers.
South Indian brides usually have their long hair, tied in a braid with lots of flowers and decorative jewellery on them. It is a classic hairstyle that represents the iconic bridal hairdo of the South. An open back blouse will be the best choice for this hairstyle.
16. Stylish side parted bouffant with a large curly bun.
This is a classic Indian hairstyle. The wavy, large bun and the curls increase the hair volume. A combination of a bouffant and the maang tikka along with the veil completes this gorgeous bridal style. It is very essential to choose a hairstyle that complements your attire and jewellery. Traditional jewellery may or may not work well with contemporary styles. Therefore, it is essential to try out your hairstyle with your entire attire before you zero in on a hairstyle so that you are sure and confident on your big day.