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26 Oct 2021
This Karva Chauth Renew your vows with the Sankalp Collection from Kalyan Jewellers

This Karva Chauth Renew your vows with the Sankalp Collection from Kalyan Jewellers

Karva Chauth can be termed as the most romantic time of the year! Celebrated in books and movies, Karva Chauth is a magical day when married women keep fast for the entire day and pray for the longevity of their husbands. The beauty of a marital relationship is beyond explanation, and each day is unique for a couple.

Traditionally, there are many festivals and rituals to celebrate this union that are region-specific. However, Karva Chauth is one of the most celebrated festivals that has transcended beyond communities over the years. A celebration of love and eternal pledge, unmarried couples also keep the fast for their fiancées to celebrate love and pray for eternal togetherness.

The beautiful thing about Karva Chauth is that many husbands also keep fast to pray for their wives’ healthy lives. This festival is known for strengthening the beautiful bond between a mother-in-law and a wife and a wife and her mother. On the day of Karva Chauth, the mother-in-law serves her daughter-in-law Sargi, a meal eaten before sunrise consisting of fruits, vegetables, and chapatis. The mother of the wife, on the other hand, sends over gifts, which could be jewellery, clothes or food, or anything. The occasion is full of love and warmth and brings families together.

On Karva Chauth, the women, dress up beautifully, apply mehndi on their hands and wear exquisite jewellery to wait for the moment when the moon emerges. Folklore connects Karva Chauth to the story of Queen Veervati. A tale of love and longing that adds to the romance and poignancy of this ritual. She was the only sister of seven caring and loving brothers. Her first Karva Chauth as a married woman was at her parental home. Her brothers noticed that she was waiting anxiously for the moon so that she could break her fast. Seeing her exhausted with thirst and hunger, her brothers came up with a playful plan to break her fast. They hung a mirror on a peepal tree to make her think that the moon had risen so that she could break her fast.

But the minute she did that, the news arrived that her husband, the King, had passed away. Veervati wept all night. Her sheer pain and loss had summoned a goddess who instructed her to keep her fast the next day, with complete dedication. The God of Death, Yama, would be forced to revive her husband, and she obeyed the goddess and was reunited with her husband.

There are different versions of this endearing tale that celebrates love and divine intervention, and the ending is always about a reunion of souls and conquering death.

Here are three looks for the day to help make each occasion special. Starting from the morning Sargi to keeping water and finally waiting for the moment when the moon smiles down at you endearingly, you need to have distinct looks to be at your stunning best.

A Morning Look

The highlight of any Karva Chauth look is the jewellery. This day does not call for minimalism. Let the highlight of the morning look be the pajeb or an anklet, a romantic and playful piece of jewellery that goes around your ankle. The sound of the pajeb , makes everyone turn to look at you and tell you how beautiful you look. Go for a gold pajeb with gemstones or Kundan work. Look for a gold necklace with a pendant and earrings with pearls and sapphires that sparkles complements your sun-kissed complexion.

This combination ensures sophistication. Usually, a salwar suit or a simple lehenga in a muted colour is best suited for this time. A blue, yellow or pink well-tailored and fitted salwar suit with hair styled in a bun or a top knot can make you look effortlessly gorgeous. Finally, go for comfortable fashion footwear to complete your look.

With this look, you can also wear Choodas, which are colourful bangles, usually in red and white, making your wrists sparkle with a bridal twinkle. Alternatively, if you want to create a contemporary meets traditional look, then wear diamond-studded bangles and diamond jhumkas with nude makeup and go for a pristine look.

An evening Look

This is the time when you want to look your best—dressed in your wedding fineries; think about the meenakari or traditionally handcrafted jewellery you have always wanted. Pair a hasli necklace with ruby and pearls and danglers. An opulent lehenga or saree in bridal colours of red and gold paired with a jadau or champagne stone necklace set can offset the tone and bring in an elegant finish.

If you plan to be on a terrace and celebrate Karva Chauth in a gathering of friends and families, we suggest you keep your hair tied in a top knot. Wear a sleeveless or strappy choli and pair with a saree or a ghagra with zardozi work. Chandelier diamond earrings, a sleek neckpiece, six to eight bangles, and some flowers in your hair will complete the look.

Karva Chauth coincides with the onset of winters, and you don’t need to shy away from heavy jewellery. However, if you want to highlight a single piece of jewellery, look for a Maang Tikka from Sankalp Collection by Kalyan Jewellers. Each piece tells a story. The meticulous detailing, intricate designs, and the selection of jewels when worn makes you feel no lesser than the beautiful queen who brought her husband back to life by taking out a needle a day for 365 days from a karora and started this beautiful tradition which has stood the test of time.

Invest in a Shikapuri Nath, a huge nose ring with a small pendant attached to the Nath chain. The Shikari Nath looks elegant and delicate and outshines any other piece of jewellery. The laung, however, is a smaller stud or a nose pin and is what you should go for if you like understated elegance.

A choker is best paired with this look, or any look, considering what a magnificent piece of jewellery it is. For example, consider a choker with a Raani Haar set against your prominent collar bones. However, if you are not worried about overdoing it, try adding a U-Shaped Satlada necklace. This combination of jewellery can make you look regal and stately.

A Look for When You Spot the Moon

Go for bling. A lehenga is best suited for this look. We suggest wearing a lehenga in the bright shade of your favourite colour. When it comes to makeup, this is when you would want to focus most on eye makeup, maybe a bold cat-winged eyeliner or a smoky eye look or even a cut-crease. Pair it with red or coral lipstick and a lot of gloss.

When it comes to jewellery, we suggest Balis from Sankalp Collection by Kalyan Jewellers. These are beautiful earrings, usually round or crescent-shaped, embellished with stones. You can pair this with your Angoothi, which is typically an engagement ring. You can add a Uzuri Mudhra gold necklace to add more grace to your ensemble. No festive look is complete for married women without bangles, a mangalsutra, bindi, wedding ring, and solitaire studs.

The pieces from the Sankalp Collection resonates with modern women, who celebrate Karva Chauth for their love for their partners. The jewellery collection is inspired by tradition, freedom to exercise choice and an inherent respect for Indian values. Not to mention, celebrate the women who fast for you or fast along with you by gifting her handcrafted jewellery or a solitaire ring so that she always remembers this special night. Gift it to her when she has finished looking at the moon, and she looks at you. Amidst friends and families, music and food, and a few unspoken words, this moment will live forever.

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